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What is E-learning?

E-learning is a type of learning that is based on formalized instruction but uses electronic resources. While education can take place in or out of the classroom, E-learning relies heavily on computers and the Internet. E-learning is also known as network-enabled skill and knowledge transfer, in which education is delivered to a large number of people at the same time or in various periods. It was previously not widely recognized since it was thought that this method lacked the human aspect necessary for learning.

With quick technological advancements and advancements in learning methods, E-learning is now widely accepted. The arrival of computers was the catalyst for this transformation, and as we become more reliant on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, these gadgets are increasingly being used in classrooms for learning. Electronic instructional resources, such as optical discs or pen drives, are rapidly replacing books. Knowledge may also be disseminated over the Internet, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere and at any time.

What are the goals of code Spark?

The goal of codeSpark is to raise people’s interest in computer science by making it fun to develop. However, their target audience is kids. They have an award-winning computer science teaching platform called “codeSpark Academy with The Foos,” which is designed for children aged 5 and up.

Their unique style

By allowing young children to create adorable characters in a virtual environment, codeSpark Academy educates them about computer science fundamentals. Anyone, wherever in the globe, may play because the game is self-directed and has a 100% visual interface. In just three years, codeSpark Academy has reached over 20 million children in over 200 countries. Their unique technique enables children to learn to code before they can even read. Their programs are subsidized for educational institutions. Subscriptions from homes assist them in funding and integrating computer science into low-income schools.

What principles do they believe in?

  • Principle of Ingenuity

The company believes that the search for innovative solutions combines the best qualities of innovation, creativity, and uniqueness.

  • Principle of Self-Belief

The platform helps students develop the confidence they need to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, persevere, and remain interested.

  • Principle of Experimentation Freedom

They encourage continual experimentation and welcome new perspectives. by respecting those who are ready to attempt new things.

  • Principle of Awe

Everything they create is infused with wonder, curiosity, and hilarity to attract the right kind of audience.

  • Principle of Motivation

The founders believe that having high standards demonstrates respect, therefore they treat children as the sophisticated thinkers that they have proved to be.

The benefits of codeSpark teaching programs

CodeSpark has several advantages for teaching programming:

  • Math, science, and computer science requirements are all met.

  • Based on MIT and UCLA coursework.

  • Perfect for pre-readers because it is completely wordless.

  • Upgradation of teaching resources at regular intervals.

Grant Hosford, Co-founder, and CEO

Grant is a seasoned entrepreneur who has spent 15 years in Seattle and Los Angeles developing profitable digital enterprises. Grant has extensive experience with new product introductions and comes from a family of educators. He has lived on four continents. He’s a spouse, a father of three children, a soccer coach for girls, and a frequent cyclist. He has worked in the fields of edtech, e-commerce, and subscription services for a long time. New product launches, lean start-up validation, online and mobile client acquisition, customer life cycle and retention, campaign development, and strategic alliances are among his specialties.

He has spoken at the ASU/GSV Summit, Kidscreen, Digital Kids, Serious Play, CSTA, ISTE, Click, eTail,, Admonsters, and other industry conferences on vivid topics such as STEM education, learning games, website optimization, and online advertising.

  • Industry : E-learning

  • Company size : 11-50 employees

  • Headquarters : Pasadena, CA

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 2014

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