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About the Company

Collabera’s company and reputation were founded on providing engineering solutions and talent development to our clients. We are now partners with the world’s most forward-thinking enterprises, developing, constructing, operating, and automating the technology that drives their operations, thanks to that experience. Our AI-driven, Cloud-based technology and talent platforms enable us to offer every solution with speed, scale, quality, and flexibility.

And, while we’ve broadened our services to match the changing demands of our software engineering clients, we haven’t forgotten where we originated from: we’re still dedicated to developing the tech workforce of today and tomorrow through our best-in-class training and enablement services. To put it another way, we’re fueled by technology and backed by talent. It is our human-centric approach that distinguishes us. It also serves as a reminder that the most essential thing we can establish is relationships.

So, whether you’re seeking for creative technological talent solutions or possibilities to collaborate with today’s most tech-forward enterprises, team up with us and let us help you take your business or career to the next level.

Culture at the company

We’ve worked hard at Collabera to create a welcoming workplace for our employees. We’re motivated to work because we know our consultants come to us searching for dream jobs, and our clients stay with us because we always have a pool of incredibly bright people on hand. We’re at the crossroads of hopes, goals, problem-solving, and growth, and we take that duty seriously. Our cultural values assist us in carrying out our duty with integrity. In a nutshell, they’re our daily gut check.

Hiring the right person for the right job is a tricky affair, and most of the time the process goes wrong due to weak recruitment strategies. This is where a corporate staffing agency comes into play. Scanning through resumes, verifying qualifications, screening candidates, and finally short-listing a few prospective ones can be a tedious process. A corporate staffing agency helps you to reduce the workload, and offers many other benefits like reducing overall labor time and cost of hiring, minimizing bad hires, improving productivity, and offers you the ability to cast a wider reach.


Finding a job is a difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes unproductive process; similarly, finding enthusiastic, inspired employees capable of putting a vision into reality is a difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes useless endeavour. When asked, “How’s the job search going?” the most typical response is, “How’s the job search going?” Typically, a long, loud grunt.

Collabera extends a hand to make the search a pleasant and supportive experience. A voyage that will not make you groan, and one that you will never travel alone.

The company’s helpful employee network assists in the placement of brilliant experts at innovative organisations throughout the world, offering ongoing assistance for both the client and the consultant throughout the project’s duration.

The company’s goal is to be responsive, disciplined, and passionate about everything it does. Collabera’s corporate culture is what makes it, and it’s that culture that will carry the company forward to becoming the leading provider of the top talent in the IT services industry.

Another initial struggle Collabera faced was to scale up its business. After beginning with just one key client, it was difficult to gain a lot of traction in the industry. But, Collabera never gave up and put in the time and energy to ensure it delivered the best-in-business client experience that became its foundation. Attracting the right talent to grow the business was a challenge – 20 years later its management team is still strong and together.

Collabera’s First Priority Is Its Employees

Our people are our most valuable asset. They’re involved and aware that their ideas and opinions are valued—this is big! Our staff are the driving force behind our ability to develop; they come up with incredible new ideas every day. We promote a sense of ownership and pride in our employees’ daily work when we listen to them, empower them, and allow them to work independently. Our commitment to our employees’ growth and development has never been stronger than it is now: in the last three years, we’ve doubled the size of our learning and development team. We want our employees to thrive, so when we’re considering expanding, we start with them.

The organisation aspires to become a major global leader in the professional services business in the future years. With so much emphasis on innovation and automation right now, I’m excited to see Collabera become one of our industry’s most technologically connected firms. As for me, I’m excited to train the next generation of leaders who will emerge from our pool of incredibly talented employees.

The Backbone of the company

Hiten Patel earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. Hiten left IBM after several years working for some of the world’s most prestigious organisations when the opportunity to purchase Collabera arose. He borrowed money from friends and family and promised to pay it back at a very high interest rate, giving him the drive and ambition to see Collabera succeed.

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