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About the Company

Our founders have extensive expertise in both startups and huge corporations. We’ve worked in giant corporate bureaucracies with massive inefficiencies, as well as in fast-growing startups with a lack of clarity and concentration. We began our company adventure by conducting research. We partnered with the HaaS Business School at UC Berkeley and their MBA students in 2011. Executives from 26 companies were interviewed, including Autodesk, Facebook, and Intel. Our goal was to figure out what was causing the poor organisational performance that has plagued practically every vertical market for decades.

Almost all of the organisations we looked at began as nimble and adaptable. All companies, however, were far more inflexible and less adaptable as they grew and their financial performance improved. What are the key factors that limit an organization’s ability to expand productively? We distilled down the core problem to the obvious: the way we manage people and their use of talent, based on interviews and more than two dozen seminars. We came to the conclusion that a critical missing component was the capacity to assess managerial effectiveness and talent use.

Our Purpose : To foster the well-being, empowerment, and leadership of individuals and organizations they chose.

Our Mission : To enable human-centric organizations those are highly adaptive and motivated cultures. Ignite Leadership. Unleash Talent.

Our Vision : To be a reliable trusted resource to help individuals and organizations navigate the present and create a rewarding future.

Our Goals

1.Shift the distribution of work from management hierarchy to work based on internal and external customer demand.

2.Enable Human-centric Organizations where optimal value benefits both the individual and the organization.

3.Measure value creation as well as profitability from the individual level and up.

4.Empower individuals to experience new capabilities and design work profiles that fit their evolving needs.

Our Approach

Our founders have founded and venture-funded a number of successful businesses. Our organisations have been built and grown using the typical top-down strategy. The org chart concept, complete with roles and duties, has been duplicated. We’re not going to go through this again with CollabWorks. We’ll create a highly adaptive organisation where customer service defines and drives leadership and innovation. Each of us is in charge of our own services and relationships. As we expand, we will become a marketplace of teams and consumers where choices are made based on creating value for consumers rather than a financial planning approach.

About the CEO

Michael Grove

Michael Grove is an expert in modern workforce performance optimization strategies. He has broad operational expertise at both large and small companies, and has mentored and supported CEOs and executives in strategy, turnarounds, and M&A transactions. Michael has over 25 years of experience as a CEO in both venture-backed and privately held businesses. He has held senior positions in aircraft, renewable energy, semiconductors, information, social networking, and workforce management, as well as producing multiple breakthrough patents. Michael earned degrees from California Polytechnic, UCLA, USC, and Wharton, among others.

Our Strategic Technology Partner

FrameWork was created on the OutSystems low-code platform, and we’re proud of it. We were able to design a full-fledged corporate application for a fraction of the cost and time. The most significant data of the Digital Enterprise is provided by FrameWork: the work, the usage of talent, and the value of both. OutSystems — the low-code leader – can quickly create a variety of derivative applications, such as compensation and workforce mobility (Gartner).

How we go about doing it?

FrameWorkTM gives you the tools you need to assess, value, and enhance your work.

  • We make management easy and transparent.

  • We encourage and track progress.

  • We measure and forecast employee performance.

The CollabWorks Services

CollabWorks provides a digital management platform that encourages employees to gain new capabilities and grow their careers while helping companies increase the value generated by each employee. For example, they help IT organizations increase the capabilities of their teams beyond typical job functions – such as programmers also providing data analytics. The broader the capabilities per employee, the more versatile they can be in aligning with shifting functional demands. The result is that fewer people are needed to service IT demand and that these more capable employees have increased their individual value.


CollabWorks is focused on transforming functions such as IT, HR, Engineering, or Sales at companies who want to:

  • Increase talent mobility through enhancing individual competencies, allowing employees to respond to a broader range of changing company demands.

  • Employees should have possibilities for professional advancement and leadership development.

  • Reduce labour costs by eliminating lower-value tasks, such as excessive management and ineffective communication, and replacing it with higher-value services, often by expanding and deepening current talent’s capabilities.

The quantitative workforce data greatly enhances workforce planning as firms roll out FrameWork across all business functions. As talent becomes more agile, it can be deployed more efficiently per service, resulting in a 50% reduction in talent acquisition expenses. At all levels of the company, the work, its value, and the use of talent are now visible in digital format. This labour data can now be linked into a digital business, giving executives a better way to allocate and reward employees.

Source : CollabWorks

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