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“Building bridges between people, companies and systems with future-proof software solutions”

Automation, cloud, and more – Compart remains innovative. Compart is expanding its focus, as reflected in a new strategy. The goal: End-to-end automation of processes in customer communication. Step-by-step, they continue to develop the DocBridge product family in terms of cloud capability so they can offer even more microservices, which can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures, including cloud environments, via web APIs, or linked to third-party applications. That includes deployment and orchestration of solutions using Docker and Kubernetes. Compart is leading the way, again underlining its high level of innovation.

At Compart, corporate social responsibility means acting responsibly and sustainably, both socially and ecologically. For many years, these values have defined their relationships with customers as well as their partnerships, how they train their employees, and their technologies.

Since Compart was founded in 1992, their team has focused on one goal: making their customers’ handling of data, documents, and customer communications reliable and convenient while constantly exceeding their expectations. To achieve that, they develop, sell, and implement scalable, high-performance, and easy-to-integrate software solutions that receive, create, process, check, validate, control, and deliver any type of document, in large numbers and on any communication channel.

They build bridges between:

  • documents in the analog and digital worlds,
  • legacy investments and technological progress,
  • companies and their customers’ communications on any channel,
  • customers’ internal infrastructure and external systems,
  • services and their open programming interfaces, such as API.

In short, they build bridges between today’s requirements and those of tomorrow. Their mastery and use of the newest technologies and their deep understanding of service ensure you are always working with the best possible solution.

Why do their customers rely on Compart?

  • Reliability: They are an owner-managed company with a solid financial base, and they place great value on customer satisfaction. Their focus is always on long-term and trusting business relationships, compliance with current data protection guidelines (GDPR), and sustainable actions.
  • Innovation: Their customers enjoy future-oriented solutions based on modern technologies that include cloud, API, and omnichannel. They invest the majority of their resources in development and product management, laying the foundations for a long-term technological leadership position in the industry.
  • Investment protection: Advances in digitalization are permanently changing how businesses and customers communicate. Compart solutions allow companies and government agencies to bridge the gap between analog and digital documents and transfer legacy applications to modern IT infrastructures.
  • Experience: As a successful presence in the market since 1992, they are a recognized specialist in data flow related to document and output management. Around 1,500 customers in 50 countries, from a vast variety of industries, use their solutions. With their deep technology know-how as well as extensive practical experience, they are always able to help their customers find the best solution for their company.
  • Flexibility:  Users appreciate that their solutions can process almost every common document format. Their software is compatible with all operating systems and serves all analog and digital input and output channels. Their solutions’ scalability and modular structure mean they are easily adapted to a company’s individual needs as well as changing market requirements.
  • Productivity: Their solutions enable companies and government agencies to automate their document handling processes end-to-end, which increases productivity and significantly reduces costs.

They are proud of their employees who took the initiative to create a “German first-aid course” at the peak of the migration movement in 2015 and 2016. They taught basic language skills for everyday life to several groups of refugees. This resulted in Compart receiving the 2016 Entrepreneur Award from the Boeblingen District Office and the Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Their motto, “Let’s care about your health,” inspires special health days and campaigns at our Boeblingen headquarters. They provide gym membership subsidies, various sports offer, and free fruit to help keep employees healthy.

Website- https://www.compart.com/en/home

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