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Lindsey Myers was driven to make an impact in the business sector as an entrepreneur, a writer, an envisioned or an over achiever with endless goals. Concrete Blonde Consulting, one of the premier marketing and consulting organisations in the United States, was founded on her extensive business expertise and capabilities. Her professional life has been a sequence of challenges, triumphs, and successes, and as we tell her story, we are confident that it will inspire every striving individual to achieve their goals.

The Beginning

The voyage began with a slew of obstacles. Lindsey started out as a solo practitioner with very little capital, thus the largest hurdle was building a firm from the ground up with absolutely no money. Lindsey was able to quickly build the brand, which comprised the name, identity, logo, website, business cards, and other elements, because to her strong imagination. She was compelled to hit the street hard and sign clients immediately because she had no money for business development and no clients. Lindsey was committed to achieving her objective and went above and above to achieve it. She attended every networking event she was invited to and had coffee with everyone she met. She met with anyone who showed even a smidgeon of interest in perhaps hiring her. She recalls her first clients paying her prices that were smaller than she would have expected for her hard work, but she was appreciative anyway. Lindsey persisted in following her destiny, overcoming every stumbling block.

Another obstacle in the beginning was simply getting up at 5 a.m. every day and putting in steady work until she couldn’t see straight, then resting and repeating the process the next day. Never taking a vacation or a break, and battling burnout with positive emotions, passion, and sheer willpower. There is no time to rest. Repeat. That’s how the first year went until Lindsey had enough retainer clients to hire her first employee.

The Magnification

Concrete Blonde Consulting is a full-service consulting and marketing agency based in New York City that specialises in public relations and business development, as well as providing extra services to support bespoke marketing strategies. Media relations, strategic visioning, media training, social media management, content generation, crisis communications, and social influencer campaigns are among the full-service services they provide.

Their multi-tiered corporate growth plan incorporates not only income and profitability, but also lifestyle aspirations. From a pure revenue standpoint, they aim to double gross fee revenues each year, and they have consistently achieved this target in the company’s existence. The Concrete Blonde Consulting team is made up of very talented people who all work from home. This aspect of their business approach came about by chance, but Lindsey considers it one of her life’s best happy accidents.

Lindsey discovered that it was difficult for a tiny firm without a reputation to compete with the industry’s leading firms when she was finally ready to add personnel as the business grew. It was difficult to ask people to entrust their careers to her without the benefit of a corporate brand on their résumé. The only way to win people over was to offer better pay, more freedom, and the opportunity to work from home (or be a digital nomad). This has also resulted in a profitable business model that is also beneficial for company morale — maintaining this is an important aspect of the company’s growth plan.

“Our clientele are the ones that define our success. I enjoy what I do because I enjoy fostering entrepreneurs. And having control over the individuals you interact with on a daily basis is one of the advantages of owning your own business. We wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for our clientele. The most crucial component of growth, in the end, is maintaining relationships with current clients while simultaneously bringing in new ones.” Lindsey concurs.

The Person behind the Vision

Lindsey grew up in Akron, Ohio. Her mother relocated to East Hampton, New York, when she was in middle school, exposing her to a culture and way of life she had never known and could never have imagined. Living there provided her with not only a new view on the world, but also possibilities she would not have had otherwise.

Lindsey’s aspirations, like those of every other youngster, evolved as she grew older. She aspired to be everything from a rancher to a writer, a Supreme Court Justice to a Rabbi. She developed her affinity for writing at a young age and published her first essay at the age of nine, therefore every job route she pursued required substantial writing. While Lindsey describes herself as a persuasive person, she dislikes arguing, which ruled out a career in law, and her weak Hebrew abilities ruled out a spiritual path as well. Despite her father’s assurances that she was capable of anything and could learn a foreign language, Lindsey was not interested in learning.

She went to Boston University for college and ultimately chose it for a variety of reasons. Lindsey knew she wanted to study in a city, with a disciplined and well-rounded liberal arts education, but she had no clue what she wanted to major in or where she wanted to go with

her career. She was motivated to complete college in four years (if not sooner) and desired a university with a diverse range of majors and excellent programmes. Finally, she obtained a fantastic education and is appreciative for the knowledge, nurturing, and mentorship she received, all of which have enriched her life.

Lindsey had worked in the hospitality industry since high school and was enamoured with the appeal, scents, and flavours of the restaurant industry. She started working two jobs at the age of 14 and worked in a variety of businesses before concluding that there is nothing quite like working in a restaurant. Lindsey recalls a fascinating interaction with the firm’s founder, Steve Haweeli. “He inquired as to how things were doing and whether I like working for the company. I openly said that I was going to build a home there and that I would one day own the company. At the age of 28, I became an equity partner, and I can’t describe how much I value those early experiences and how much everyone at the business taught me.”

As the company continues to expand, her functions and duties as CEO are expanding as well. She serves as the company’s CEO, CFO, CIO, CMO, and COO. She is the head of HR and the director of their professional development programme at the same time. She is in charge of the company’s entire business development needs and is still heavily involved in client account strategy. “I truly believe that in order to achieve more and have more, you must first become more. As a result, my biggest “roadblock” would be personal development. I’m always trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, to overcome my fears, and to break through my own barriers.” Lindsey continues.

The Vision of the Company

The personnel of Concrete Blonde Consulting have been motivated by keeping their clients pleased. The road ahead is full of twists and turns, and the team is ready to take one step at a time. Lindsey, on the other hand, is focused on learning how to live in the now. A big part of that is focusing on what you want, why you want it, and how it will make you feel if you get it – but also learning to let go of the desire to control the how. Allowing the universe to lead the way. They are receiving a lot of inquiries from Dubai and Asia as a corporation, which would help them expand their business globally.

Despite the obstacles, Lindsey and her crew have come a long way. They’re all ready to broaden their horizons with a vision that inspires them; nothing beats being a part of someone else’s achievement and assisting them in achieving their goals.

Details of the company:

  • Year of Founding: 2016

  • Funding Information: Privately held

  • Founding Member: Lindsey Myers

  • Office Locations: New York

  • Company Strength: 49 Employees

Source & reference : Concrete Blonde Consulting

Story by : Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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