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ConnectedYou (referred to as CY) is the first of its kind “IoT marketplace” bringing structure & creating transparency and simplicity to the IoT universe. ConnectedYou is headquartered in Denmark with a presence in France, India, and United Kingdom. They are a digital marketplace of IoT connectivity. They orchestrate connectivity requirements of clients all over the world, enterprises, and startups alike, giving clients access to global connectivity through a single ConnectedYou SIM/eSIM product and our unique Connectivity Orchestration Platform that enables them to choose connectivity from a range of suppliers, with ability to manage all connectivity profiles and SIMs from a unified web console and APIs and with power to switch suppliers remotely, over-the-air, without SIM replacement, in real-time, free of charge. Say no to supplier lock-ins for IoT connectivity.

CY simplifies and future proofs IoT for customers into a seamlessly integrated first-of-its-kind ecosystem platform.

  • One-stop-shop for all IoT Makers globally, capable of revolutionizing the IoT market.
  • First-time all-in-one Global IoT Marketplace platform offering a choice of service and cloud independent of connectivity.
  • Connect all pieces of the IoT puzzle into a single platform by the widest choice of networks providers, multiple cloud service providers, value-added services (VAS) providers (for device management, analytics, etc.), and hardware.
  • Delivering friction-less business acceleration for the global IoT industry with the ability to switch/migrate between available choices in real-time at-a-click.
  • Key focus on supporting IoT Makers to accelerate businesses – facilitate smooth roll-out – shorter time to market – minimizes costs.

Services they offer:

  • Devices: Sensors, components, devices, gateways, SIM cards in various form factors for all IoT needs to be delivered at your doorstep. Look out for ConnectedYou certified devices for quick and easy setup and integration with the ConnectedYou IoT service platform.
  • Connectivity: Connectivity choices with various network technologies from prominent suppliers are integrated, accessed, and managed through a single console and unified APIs with the ability to switch and migrate in real-time, at-a-click, free of charge. Fully powered and managed through ConnectedYou eSIMs.
  • Cloud Services: Multiple cloud services like data visualization, analytics, routing, etc. with the ability to securely manage your IoT data and instantly switch service providers in real-time. Stream your data into your choice of cloud services.
  • IoT Products & Solutions: Interested in some of the most amazing IoT products? Try their shop. Some of the coolest IoT products from all over the world are integrated and serviced through the ConnectedYou service platform. Bring more fun and savings to your everyday life.

Their vision is to “Democratise IoT Connectivity” and they do that by bringing technology and service to everyone irrespective of the client size or location on a self-service model, something that till now only a few large companies were able to get after spending millions of dollars and years of effort. Their mission is to “Catalyze global IoT rollout” by offering to IoT customers all key components of IoT like devices, connectivity, cloud services, security, and other value-added services. Offerings come from all key industry players integrated into a single platform, allowing switching and migration from one provider to another in real-time on multiple and flexible business models.


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