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Corlytics provides a risk-based approach to regulatory compliance. Firms must know what’s relevant, where to focus, and what’s emerging to respond and give assurance in the face of never-ending regulatory change. Corlytics assists compliance, risk, legal, and audit departments around the world in this area. To alert relevant parts of the business, we monitor, analyze, map, and align regulatory changes. Corlytics’ technology categorizes and organizes regulatory notices, as well as internal corporate data, into highly organized relevant information using a combination of artificial and human intelligence. Greater regulatory planning allows for a more transparent and stable financial system.

Corlytics adds regulatory risk intelligence and analytics to the data, allowing companies to plan and prioritize compliance and monitoring efforts, as well as evaluate regulatory risk exposure. The complex regulatory data is visualized using interactive dashboards that are both practical and powerful.

Their Regulatory Monitoring

From a single place, Corlytics’ Regulatory Monitoring system provides enriched regulatory data, including horizon scanning, as well as operational and legal risk impact assessment workflow.

Corlytics compiles regulatory notices from throughout the world and makes them available on the Corlytics Platform.

Corlytics adds regulatory risk intelligence and analytics to the data, allowing companies to plan and prioritize compliance and monitoring efforts, as well as evaluate their exposure to growing regulatory risk.

Firms may do a full impact assessment collaboratively across different departments utilizing Corlytics Risk Impact Workflow, which includes impact templates, alerts, notifications, and an approval and implementation procedure.

How this Regulatory Monitoring helps firms?

A) Cost-cutting

Streamlining data collection and providing access to a more comprehensive library of legal and regulatory information

B) Lowers the Chances of Failure

Identifying rising hazards in the future and assessing international bodies’ actions that set the agenda for future regulation

C) Ensures that regulations are followed

Identifying and assessing impending threats, as well as centralizing and standardizing the impact assessment process across several jurisdictions.

D) Regulatory Change Management

The control environment is improved by filtering out irrelevant content and keeping track of significant changes across the organization.

E) Simple Integration

It’s simple to set up and integrate with the company’s existing capabilities.

John Byrne, CEO

Corlytics’ founder and CEO, John Byrne, is in charge of the company’s vision and strategy.

John has developed and sold several worldwide technology-based businesses as a serial entrepreneur in the financial technology area. In 1985, he co-founded one of Ireland’s first campus firms in the energy technology area, and in 1997, he co-founded Information Mosaic, a global leader in the securities software market that was sold to Markit in 2015.

Corlytics was founded by him to give actual regulatory risk intelligence. After a wave of global regulation hit the financial markets in 2009, John realized there was no centralized intelligence or predictive analytics to aid banks, regulators, and their advisors in making educated decisions. Corlytics was founded in 2013 and is now the world’s leading regulatory risk intelligence company.

John is a frequent speaker at industry events, having presented at SIBOS and NEMA, among others. He’s also presented at several other conferences on operational and systemic risk, most recently at the London and New York RegTech Summits. He also serves on the board of CeADAR, Ireland’s technology center for applied research in AI, machine learning, and data analytics.

John has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and is a Stanford Business School alumnus.

Website :

Industry : Financial Services

Company size : 11-50 employees

Headquarters : Dublin 4, Dublin

Type : Privately Held

Founded : 2013

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