10 Architecture & Interior Design Companies in Thailand 2022-profiles

Creative Crew Ltd

4. PUIPHAI KHUNAWAT,Director - Creative Crew Ltd - Top 10 Architecture- Interior Design Companies in Thailand 2022

 Creative Crews is an integrative architectural firm practicing architecture, interior, landscape, and urban design; based in Bangkok. Their crews are of multiple origins and bring diverse expertise, interests, and viewpoints to their design approach. Their works are recognized by international architectural and design institutions. They have award-winning works of all scales and categories.
Their directors have been invited to judge at World Architecture Festival and teach at various architectural design schools across the globe. They are currently involved in numerous projects, of wide-ranging scales and uses, across Southeast Asia and are growing their portfolio regionally and globally. Creative Crews, a team of young, driven architects and designers led by Puiphai Khunawat, a former co-founder of Somdoon Architects and a Director of WOHA (Thailand).

They are focused on creating designs that:

  • Responds to people
  • Grows out of necessity
  • Reflects the tectonic of construction and materials
  • Integrates architectural knowledge critically for boundless, progressive quality
  • Embraces the locality
  • Traces the dormant past of context to explore its hidden potential based on constraints, culture, social structure, and regulations
  • Synchronizes with the geographical context

Their work

  • Classroom Makeover For The Blind: The main aim of the program is to equip all students with the fundamental skills required for daily living and form the basis for further Braille studies. The school enrolls pupils with varying degrees of visual impairment, and abilities thus the facility needs to cater to all. The project intends to be a prototype for cost-effective multi-sensory facilities aimed specifically at creating a firm foundation for which individuals can grow and prosper.
  • Ahsa Farmstay: The Project addresses the issue through the program of cultural tourism and the adaptation of vernacular architecture for future generations. Tourists will be living with a local host in groups of four houses following the traditional way of Northern Thai lifestyle. Natural ventilation is employed for cooling during the summer and double-layer fenestration for insulation in the winter. The aim is to learn from local know-how, culture, and traditions thus adapting them where appropriate to ensure relevance in present times and well into the future. 

CC director and partners were happy to be a part of the learning process of future architects. The Studio’s brief “Rethinking Future Living” explores architectural flexibility to transform the city for the better and critically addresses issues in our urban fabric. With a firm focus on the public domain, students present their research and design proposals.

Website- http://creative-crews.com/ 

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