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Tell us about Crises Control. Its vision and mission.

Crises Control is an incident management and mass communication tool.

The platform includes a number of modules and a wide range of capabilities focused on crisis management.

PING, our mass notification engine, as well as the Incident Manager Module and its related task manager, are among them.

Multi-channel communications (including SMS, email, interactive phone conversations, in-app push alerts, and desktop app notifications), two-way communications, geo-location, an SOS emergency button, and more are among the features of Crises Control.

Crises Control’s mission is to democratise emergency communications and make crisis management easier.

We help organisations of all sizes and from all walks of life. We support organisations of any size, from any industry, and operating in any sector, in o=improving their resilience (and business continuity) by providing them with a strong, stable, communications platform that will help them keep the lines of communication open even at their worst times.

What were the constraints you faced at the time of inception?

Crises Control was developed as a response to a pressing issue.

Transputer, a member of our group and a leading managed services provider, needed a better way to improve their business continuity planning, specifically a reliable way to alert response teams during a client incident and a more secure and reliable way to inform employees of work-related matters at any time.

Crises Control was founded as a result of this, and we established a separate company in 2015.

What unique services do you provide to the customers?

Crises Control provides our customers with an innovative, secure, flexible communications platform that will stand strong even as other IT systems and communications means falter. Crises Control’s purpose is to send lots of, often crucial, messages to lots of people quickly and securely.

Our services include:

  • Multi channel delivery

Support for different media types – text, images, videos, links, files, and more Conference calls on our secure bridge.

Message management including templates, scheduling, read receipts, response logs.

  • Personal safety support – SOS emergency panic button

  • International support

Integrations with other systems and solutions in a company’s IT

Take, for example, conveying an emergency message to a huge group.

When you don’t have a platform like Crises Control, you have to select whether to deliver an essential message to a big number of people via email, SMS, interactive voice call, or any other manner and then send it out individually through each channel.

However, with Crises Control, all it takes is a single button press to send the same message to up to five distinct channels, increasing your chances of reaching every single member of your audience.

Why should one prefer you?

Crises Control places a great emphasis on providing our customers with a high-quality, responsive, and valuable service.

We carefully pick our vendors to ensure that they provide value to our service.

Our diverse supply base allows us to customise our services to our customers’ individual requirements, resulting in a product that is beneficial not just in an emergency, but also on a daily basis.

What personality traits and capabilities do you believe are required to enhance and promote communication strategies services?

Services to improve and boost communication strategies?

The ability to communicate effectively is the first requirement.

Understanding how people communicate, why they communicate the way they do, and what makes communicating simple is critical to ensure that we help our clients understand how we can assist them in overcoming their issues.

  • A positive mindset is equally crucial, in my opinion.

  • I am up for any challenge, large or small.

  • I’m always thinking about how we can improve our services, what we can add to our product to make it more valuable to our clients.

Last but not least, there’s adaptability and creativity. Communications is a fast-moving industry. Personal chat apps and workplace communications tools have revolutionised the way people communicate, and things change all the time. I need to be able to see and understand those trends and look to innovate within them to create the roadmap for our product.

Share about your journey from the beginning.

To improve and publicise communication strategies?

First and foremost, the capacity to communicate effectively.

Understanding how people communicate, why they communicate the way they do, and what makes communication simple is critical to ensure that we help our clients understand how we can assist them in overcoming their issues.

I also believe that having a can-do attitude is essential.

For me, no challenge is too great or too small.

I’m always considering how we can improve our services, what we can tweak, update, or add to our product to make it more valuable to our clients.

Finally, flexibility and innovation.

How do you manage the promotion of your project through social media outreach and email campaigns?

We employ a multi-pronged marketing strategy.

Our primary outreach channels are social media, Google Ads, and email.

Each one has a distinct role.

Through blogs, LinkedIn postings, Facebook and Twitter posts and announcements, we use social media for organic outreach, brand building, and product promotion.

We use email campaigns to communicate with existing and previous customers, as well as leads, to keep them informed about our latest advancements.

We use Google Ads to reach the biggest audience possible, which has resulted in new business for our company.

What do you think about the expansion of Crises Control? What will be the plan?

For Crises Control, I have great ambitions.

Year after year, we’re enhancing our product, adding new features that help our clients be more resilient, and providing a product that meets an ever-expanding spectrum of use cases.

Throughout practice, we’ve signed a number of cooperation agreements this year that will help us expand in the Middle East, as well as the rest of the world.

How do you see the future of the communication INDUSTRY in nearby time?

The communication business is entering an exciting period in the coming months and years.

The Covid-19 pandemic has dispersed people and forced organisations to experiment with new communication methods.

In my opinion, the communications business has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to innovate in order to position itself at the centre of people’s lives, both personal and professional.

What crisis communication strategies are usually used by DIFFERENT companies?

  • Depending on their unique circumstances, our customers use Crises Control in a variety of ways.

  • Through Crises Control, we support a variety of crisis communications methods, including:

  • Crises Control helps organisations plan ahead of time by allowing them to build template messages, as well as create and save messages for different groups or incident categories, which they can then send out at the touch of a button if an incident occurs. Crises Control is quick at getting the message out when every second count.

  • Companies can save draught messages ready to transmit at the push of a button, as indicated above.

  • Crises Control can transmit thousands of messages per second, ensuring that the message gets out rapidly.

  • Transparency during and after a crisis — With Crises Control, our customers may preserve and send follow-up alerts to groups of numbers they’ve sent notifications to.

Furthermore, Crises Control can be linked to social media accounts and utilised to distribute updates via social media during an incident.

Every action undertaken on the Crises Control platform is saved and can be downloaded into an auditable report, enabling understanding and learning after the event.

  • Year of Founding : 2015

  • Funding Information : Seed round from Transputec Ltd

  • Founding Members : Shalen Sehgal, Rickie Sehgal, Sonny Sehgal

  • Office Locations : London, UK

  • Company Strength :

Sources and references : https://www.crises-control.com/

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