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What is Curatio?

Curatio, which means “healing” in Latin, was founded in 2005. Curatio has always strived to provide practical solutions to the issues that pediatricians, cosmetologists, and dermatologists face daily. They use extensive market research and cutting-edge R&D to come up with new and effective solutions to these problems.

Curatio is one of India’s, Sri Lanka’s, Philippines’, and Nepal’s fastest-growing dermatology enterprises. In the fields of cosmetic and medical dermatology, they provide solutions to fill therapy gaps. Curatio is committed to ethically conducting business. They are compliant with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. In addition, they maintain the highest ethical standards in their interactions with healthcare experts, and they promote their products ethically based on scientific evidence.

Their Vision

Their vision is to create a well-known dermatology company that develops new and cost-effective solutions to meet the demands of dermatology patients.

Their Philosophy

They consider themselves to be stewards of the ideas that come from the dermatology/pediatric community. As a result, they should turn these concepts into useful products. As a result, their ears are always tuned in to market conditions.

Their Values

Curatio embraces the spirit of innovation in all parts of its operations, including formulation, packaging, distribution, training, and marketing.

They think that each person is the heart and soul of Curatio and that they can only grow as a company if each individual grows as well.

In their functions, they believe in ethical operations. All applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards are followed. Their interactions with healthcare professionals are conducted by the highest ethical standards, and they market their goods responsibly based on scientific evidence.

PV Sankar Das, CEO

He is a master strategist with over three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having built big brands in India and emerging nations. An all-arounder with experience in sales, marketing, brand management, alliances, acquisitions, and building a leadership pipeline. He was previously a VP at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and the founder of a consultancy firm.

Their Products

Their Hair Care Products

They have products to treat recurring hair conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, itchy scalp, and hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia, telogen effluvium, and stress. These products include

– Crusher

– Androanagen Solution

– Police

– Triflow

– Triclenz

– Proanagen Tablet

– Proanagen Solution

– NOSKURF Lotion

– Androanagen Tablets

Miscellaneous products

1.Face : They have a unique line of products for treating and controlling skin disorders that impact the face, such as acne, melasma, and wrinkles at various phases. Cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, demelanizing agents, and anti-aging formulas are among the products available.

2.Body : They have products for truncal acne, dermatitis, itchy, dry skin, and psoriasis, among other body skin issues. We have a wide selection of new medications, emollients, moisturizers, depigmenting creams, and body washes to choose from.

3.Baby products : They offer a spectrum of non-soapy cleansers, tear-free shampoos, and emollients for nourishing, caring, and managing your tiny ones’ soft and sensitive skin.

Website : http://curatiohealthcare.com

Industry : Pharmaceuticals

Company size : 201-500 employees

Headquarters : Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Type : Privately Held

Founded : 2005

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