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Multi-award-winning sustainable period products, The Dame company. Their mission is sustainability. They make products that cause as little harm to our environment as possible when made, used, and finished with – likewise every part of their business and supply chain. Accessibility Work to ensure people everywhere have access to better products, education, and resources, wherever they are in the world and whatever their situation. Acceptability Change the conversation to bring periods into the 21st century for all people whatever their gender, creed, or color and enable diversity along the way. 

It was 2015 and Dame was working together on their first-period product startup, Sanitary Owl.  One morning they were sitting on the floor of Alec’s flat frantically packing their boxes ready for delivery when it struck us: they were drowning in a sea of plastic. The products they were delivering to customers were wrapped in plastic, nestled in plastic applicators, with chemical dye-colored strings dangling from them — even the absorbent parts which you’d assume were made from natural fibers, were laced with plastic. They sleepwalked into a toxic industry. Plastic waste, synthetic ingredients, and negative language — the more they looked into it, the more compelled they became to change things.

Products they have:

  • Tampons
  • Pads
  • pants

At DAME they think the same can be said for creating change, at some point you’ve got to step into the unknown. For their co-founder, Celia that threshold was crossed at 30 when having her first child gave her the courage to leave her job and become an entrepreneur. Celia’s journey into the unknown has worked out pretty well. So well in fact, that this year the UK government recognized her with their Women in Innovation award. The award came with a generous £50k cash prize. They decided they wanted to spend this on helping the next generation of female leaders to step over their thresholds.

Every great journey starts with a pivotal moment. The moment when someone crosses a threshold, from the known to the unknown when they leave the safety of the normal world for the mystery of the extraordinary world. From ancient myth to Harry Potter, the stories we love always have a protagonist who accepts the call to adventure and steps towards the extraordinary. The Matrix would be a lot more boring if Neo never took that red pill.

Website- https://wearedame.co/

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