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Danakali Limited

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Danakali Limited (ASX: DNK) is a resource company focused on Colluli SOP Project in Eritrea, East Africa. Our strategy targets development of a world class potash project that will become pivotal for Global and African agriculture.

Danakali Limited (ASX: DNK) is a resource company focusing on the Colluli SOP project in Eritrea, East Africa. Our strategy targets the development of a world-class potash project that will be critical to global and African agriculture. Colluli Eritrea is expected to provide excellent economic, social, and community dividends through a positive impact on infrastructure, job creation, and sustainability. It has the potential to become the world’s first zero-carbon producer of industry-leading capital intensity, lucrative economic returns, significant multi-commodity potential, and SOP.

The world’s population will grow to 9 billion by 2050. The future needs food. And the only way they’re going to feed everyone is to drive the sustainable concentration of agriculture responsibly by providing the source, climate-friendly fertilizer inputs. Agriculture is unique in its ability to reduce emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere and contributes to reducing emissions by replacing carbon-intensive materials and energy in other sectors. The field is increasingly seen as an essential means of reaching net-zero, whether it is through biomass production to replace fossil products or to clear the ground for carbon sinks.

Their values

Their values ​​are the foundation on which they do business. Their values ​​unite them with a common language and behavior towards each other and their external stakeholders and guide them in their decision-making. They are defined by their core values ​​of evaluating their people, working honestly, respecting and protecting the environment, constantly improving their performance, and adopting the principle that everything should be as simple as possible.

  1. The core value: They believe that everyone has the basic right to food that is nutritious and sustainable.
  • Integrity: Colluli is a 200-year-old project that will be built on the foundation of trust. They are patient, their convincing approach ensures that they carefully capture the long-term value.
  • Transparency: They do the right thing and are proud of their full visibility. It is fundamental for them to communicate with openness and respect to all their stakeholders from the foundations of the communities they work within the global market that will use their product.
  • Respect & environmental awareness: Protecting the future of agriculture and communities that support it. They believe in a sustainable future, where everyone has access to nutritious healthy food grown in nutrient-rich soils through the most environmentally efficient methods.
  • Humanity and discipline: They have an appetite for learning and doing good things. Building a better world requires the support of many and the disciplined focus of a team that does not underestimate the importance of openness in learning from anyone.
  • Innovation: They dare to disrupt the future of food production. They make changes and take risks in fertilizer production that challenges the status quo. The rapid change in fertilizer production with keen commitment is the key to continuous improvement for them.


Their vision, mission, and values ​​capture the spirit of Dankali and the words for which we stand. They guide the decisions, actions, and behavior of their people; Evidence is found in their relationships with their partners, customers, stakeholders, and shareholders; And drives their performance and growth.

Supporting farmers and helping nutritional communities with sustainable zero-carbon products where the world needs them the most, to create the longest-lived fertilizer manufacturing company of the 21st century that enhances global food nutrition for 200 years. Food and nutrition security is a fundamental human right and they will lead the world in producing the nutrients needed for the sustainable development of nutritious food.

Website- https://danakali.com.au/

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