Top 05 Architecture & Interior Design Companies in the Philippines 2022-profiles

DEQA Design Collaborative

3. Denise de Castro Principal Architect DEQA Design CollaborativeTop 05 Architecture Interior Design Companies in the Philippines 2022

DEQA designs ideas, places, and moments that affect how people live think, and feel. They focus on the values ​​of collaboration, optimism, and empathy to drive their process and inspire innovation. They focus on human experience and dialogue to connect the senses. The design on all scales, from micro to macro, works from outside inside, and inside, to create descriptions through space. They strive to create extraordinary designs every day. They use the power of design for everyday innovation and performance. They constantly pursue their goal of co-creating with others so that the concept can be experienced, made meaningful, and memorable. They are a design partner for aspiring customers and bold businesses.

Denis de Castro is the chief architect of DDC Architectural Studios. She holds a master’s degree in architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and a bachelor’s degree from Wellesley College. She has worked in design offices in the US and the Philippines, most notably IDEO (San Francisco), CBT Architects (Boston), and Lore Celma Design Associates (Manila). Denis de Castro also leads a passionate and talented team.

They visualize and build possibilities for a better everyday and future through experiences and dialogue. They believe that design can have a meaningful impact on their lives through the transformative experiences and interactions that shape their behaviors, beliefs, and actions.

They create these extraordinary experiences through the ideas, objects, places, buildings, and communities they design. They focus on curiosity, optimism, and reason to develop strategies and solutions in their rigorous process. To get through the complexities of the project, this process is user-centered, research-based, and sustainable. Always keeping in mind, the human needs, they design on all scales from micro to macro, working from the inside out and the inside out.

They thrive on collaborating with their team, customers, and all their partners to advance our thinking. They are constantly engaged in dialogue and deliberation to gain innovative insights. This approach enables them to visualize and design seamless experiences that affect the way people think, feel, and interact with others and their environment.

Their services

  1. Experience design
  2. Design research and feasibility
  3. Innovation Workshop
  4. Spatial + digital integrated design
  5. Planning
  6. Architecture
  7. Interior design
  8. Furniture design
  9. Product design
  10. Display design
  11. Durable design
  12. BIM


They place human experiences and dialogue at the center of their design process to connect sensations and encourage interaction. They recognize the enormous potential of design to positively impact life, business, and culture by creating experimental ecosystems. Starting with context, needs, and client or challenge expectations, this ecosystem is goal-oriented to solve problems.


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