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Design Forum Pvt Ltd

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Design Forum established in the year 1985 and later incorporated as a company in the name of Design Forum India Private Limited (DFIPL) in the year 2005, is an Architectural and Structural designing firm with offices in Coimbatore and Bangalore. Design Forum has successfully handled projects of varying magnitudes which includes residences, housing, interior designing, large-scale industrial projects, institutions, hotels & commercial buildings, and other innovative projects.

The Team

Design Forum India Private Limited has a team of 40 highly qualified and multi-disciplinary professionals operating in perfect harmony towards providing innovative architectural and structural engineering solutions. They have a team that intently listens, understands, analyse, operates, and delivers solutions in a time-bound environment.


In our Endeavour to fulfill the expectations of our clients, we are committed to respect professional ethics and strive towards excellence in planning, designing, and providing technical support in creating their buildings with Aesthetic appeal, functional utility, and structural stability.

Services Offered

Prominent and Leading service provider from Coimbatore, DFIPL offer the following services to their clients:

Architectural Design

 Preparation of detailed plans of the main building and other ancillary buildings with respect to their utility and zoning

 Preparation of Elevation drawing as per the decided concept.

 Designing other allied services.

 Structural Designing

 Designing structural details

 Designing all other allied buildings and services.

Project Management

 Inspection of work at the site with respect to quality & progress periodically.

 Issuing of revised drawings, if there is variance at the site.

 Checking the workmanship and sample of materials with respect to quality.

 Checking the bills submitted by the contractor and certifying them for payment.

 Periodically reporting the above to the management in order to take corrective steps if necessary.

 Taking corrective steps to achieve the target completion date and quality.

Tendering Services

 Assisting in shortlisting / selection of Contractors for the Tender.

 Preparation of Contract document.

 Preparation of necessary drawings to provide along with tender.

 Preparation of comparative statement and assisting in the finalization of the Contractor

Planning Services

 Preparation of Master Plan

 Preparation of Preliminary Schematic Drawings

 Outline Specification

 Preliminary Cost Estimation

 Preparation of Approval drawings to the concerned authorities.

Website https://www.studiodesignforum.com/
Company size 11 – 25 employees
Industry Architecture Services
Type Privately Held
Establishment 1985

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