Best Educational Platforms to follow in 2022-profiles

Dew-Point International Ltd

11. Frank J. Adick, Founder- Dew-Point International Ltd- Top 10 Best Educational Platforms to follow in 2022

Dew-point is a leading training and management consulting firm established in Hong Kong in 1973. They combine genuine enthusiasm with experiential techniques to create highly customized, dynamic training and development programs that are results-oriented with practical ideas immediately applicable on the job. Their range of services includes Executive Development, Organization Development, HR, Selection & Assessment, Performance Management, Quality/Continuous Improvement, Leadership/ Management Development, Sales/Customer Service, Marketing, and Finance. We have offices in Hong Kong (HQ), Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

Every business faces its own unique set of challenges. By partnering closely with their clients, they develop relevant, tailor-made training and organization development programs to directly handle these challenges. They take pride in their ability to quickly assess the specific needs of their clients to create practical development programs and services that use the capacity within their organization, rather than continuously relying on outside support.

Their network of trainers and consultants are practitioners with current, relevant industry knowledge and experiences drawn from the region and other parts of the world. You can leverage their expertise through these services:

  • In-house Customised Training
  • Management Consulting
  • Public Courses
  • Products – Training Materials, Videos, & Assessment Tools

Services they provide:

  • Customized Training: They strive to be your preferred choice for total organization development, providing you with their experience and resources to develop skills, improve effectiveness, and change habits and attitudes.
  • Public training courses:  Widely known among their clients, their Public Courses highlight many of their “signature” training programs and the great range of topics they cover. Their Public Courses cater to organizations with smaller numbers of people who need development in specific areas. They also serve as a showcase of Dew-Point’s training approach and style.
  • Public Course Schedule
  • Signature Programmes
  • Training Facilities
  • Course Enrolment

They adapt and adjust topics offered, keeping up with current management trends, while retaining their “signature” programs. This has to lead to a greater number of courses on offer at regular intervals throughout the year.

  • Consulting & Coaching: At Dew-Point, they work with you to develop your people and processes to achieve your business objectives and secure significant gains. Their consulting solutions include organizational and engagement surveys, senior leadership team facilitation, just-in-time learning and application, project, quality, and process improvement teams, strategic planning and top team alignment, family business advising, and executive coaching.
  • Assessments and Training Resources: They have licensed distributors and representatives for several training and development products from around the world. Many of the products they use themselves or integrate into the in-house training and consulting programs they develop.
  • Executive Coaching:  Their team of coaches and consultants works with business leaders to enable their rapid development to address specific problems that may be outside the normal business framework. Unlike training, coaching focuses specifically on the issues that an executive wants to work through, making it a direct way to improve skills and achieve personal and professional objectives.
  • Virtual Training Services: With their extensive experience in training and consulting in Asia, Dew-Point understands the challenges of managing change. Their programs come with their signature customization that you won’t find in other “off-the-shelf” training courses. They design their programs to meet your needs, which is why they’ve adapted their content for these new formats.

Dew-Point International Ltd. is a leading provider of training and management consulting solutions. For over 40 years, Dew-Point has ensured the long-term success of countless clients. They incorporate organization assessment, training, team facilitation, and executive coaching with their genuine enthusiasm, and highly customized, up-to-date experiential training techniques to create practical and dynamic training and development.


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