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DG2 Worldwide Group

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“Technology solutions for optimizing Marketing Investments”

DG2 Worldwide Group is the global leader in providing advertising and marketing contractual compliance audits, performance assessments, and consulting services to the largest companies in the world. The complexity of today’s marketing mix makes it incredibly important for companies to have real-time control, governance frameworks, and transparency covering their marketing investments. DG2 provides multinational companies with technology solutions, data analytics, risk mitigation, compliance assurance, media/digital performance, advisory support, and value covering its marketing investments.

DG2 clients are Fortune 500, Fortune US 1000, and other medium and small-size companies that invest funds to support their marketing efforts and build brand awareness. Their global strategic consultants, data scientists, and subject matter experts provide audit services and technology software solutions for optimizing marketing investments and ensuring transparency is built into ad agency contract terms, invoicing, and transactional data. They have conducted over $800 billion in global marketing audits in 84 countries, yielding more than $1 billion in client value and savings.

Their Technologies: 

  • CCS (Contract Compliance Services): Deep-dive agency contract compliance audit to recover funds, assess risks, and improve control processes.
  • DG2-SOA (Contract Governance Solution): Seal of Approval Software-based solution for cohesion and integrity throughout the tiered chain of marketing suppliers.
  • DG2-IPS (Invoice Processing Services): Rigorous and compliant monthly process for reviewing, validating, and approving agency invoices/support documentation to increase spend transparency, eliminate defective spend and ensure policy adherence.
  • DG2-MD (Continuous Monitoring as a Service): CMaaS bridges ad agency invoicing data gap by ensuring real-time marketing spend control and recovering refunds.
  • ADCOMP360 (Market Value Benchmarks): SaaS market pricing data assessment.
  • OPTI-TRACKER (Media Performance Analytics): Actionable insights and savings opportunities that improve media value and media weight efficiencies

Services they provide: 

  • Market Value Assessment
  • Contract Compliance Services
  • Media Performance Analytics
  • Continuous Monitoring Services
  • Invoice Processing Services

DG2 offers a platform of solutions and services developed by subject matter experts. With cutting-edge technology and proven processes, they solve marketers’ pains.

Website- http://www.dg2ww.com/index.html

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