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Dinlr Pte Ltd

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About the company

Our Solution Work As Hard As You Do, Boosting Margins While Saving You Time, Getting More Done In Every Shift, Every Day.

Dinlr was founded to help F&B businesses manage and operate their business better. In January 2018, Dinlr launched the first suite of solutions, Dinlr Waiter, Dinlr Table and Dinlr KDS.

Millions of people go to work in restaurants every day. Almost all restaurants employ fewer than 50 people, and the majority are independent rather than part of a large franchise. The restaurateurs that run these firms operate on razor-thin profit margins. They don’t have a lot of money set aside for major projects. They aren’t experts in software. Most importantly, they don’t have much time to get a handle on everything – visitors, employees, inventory, menu, marketing, and financing – which makes taking their restaurant to the next level more difficult than it needs to be.

Dinlr was created with this goal in mind. A complete food and beverage system that provides clear direction for day-to-day operations as well as in-depth analytics that make it easier to manage guests, staff, inventory, marketing, finances, and even the menu. Companies of all sizes will be able to mix and match our products to meet their specific requirements.

Our work is an adventure for us. We imagine ourselves on an expedition, with a clear goal and a mission that makes each step significant. We believe that the manner in which we accomplish a goal is vastly more essential than the goal itself.

When the internet goes down, dinlrSync technology can execute synchronisation through bluetooth and WiFi, ensuring that all of your dinlr devices remain operational and that all changes are collected and consistent across all devices.

Our Technology

We create best-in-class solutions with unrivalled features and integrations that are tailored to any organisation. Updates are quick with a cloud-based system, so you always get the most up-to-date features and upgrades.

Algorithms for data-driven analytics : With dinlr Back office, restauranteurs can keep track of everything in real time, making it easier to operate smoother operations and proactively giving out insights that increase profitability. Get answers about what’s going on in the home from the front to the back, and free up time in your day to focus on hospitality.

Omni-channel integration is now possible thanks to an open API : The Dinlr Open API allows organisations to go omni-channel by creating their own apps or integrating third-party systems with Dinlr Solutions. Accounting software, mobile ordering systems, and receiving orders through online delivery platforms are all examples of integration.

It’s simple to scale : You should collaborate with a forward-thinking restaurant technology business that can scale along with your growth and expansion in this fast-paced market. Dinlr is meant to be adaptable to let you scale effortlessly, whether you want to add more waiters, items, open a new store, or have a seasonal pop-up food cart.

Source: : https://www.dinlr.com/

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