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Eagle Pharmaceuticals

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Eagle is a specialty pharmaceutical company working to advance safe and efficient injectable treatments for patients across oncology, critical care, and orphan diseases. They analyze the unmet needs of patients—continuously looking for ways to further improve therapies for those who need them. To help realize this goal, their teams have been hard at work to grow their portfolio of oncology, critical care, and orphan disease treatments through the development of biologics and small molecules.

At Eagle Pharmaceuticals, they are committed to making meaningful improvements in patients’ lives – and that commitment extends beyond their development of innovative medicines. Through their Patient Financial Assistance Program for BELRAPZO® (bendamustine HCI injection) and donations of RYANODEX® (dantrolene sodium) for the injectable suspension to non-profit missions, they allocate a portion of their time and resources to helping patients in need.

Their Values:

  • RESPECT: Every person is entitled to dignity and respect. They will value the skills, work ethic, and creativity of all their employees.
  • COMMITMENT: They will remain equally committed to their employees and to those people in need whose lives are enriched by their products.
  • TEAMWORK: Success or failure belongs to all of us. They will prosper in the name of patient care because of the Genuity of their employees and the collective commitment of the Eagle Team.
  • HONESTY & INTEGRITY: Their collaborative efforts will be marked by honesty and fair dealings. The integrity of their effort will be proven in both word and deed.
  • INNOVATION: They are a company committed to continuous learning and will endeavor to remain on the cutting edge of innovation. Their patients deserve nothing less.

Products they have


They’re creating unmatched value through enhanced treatments and valued partnerships. And with an estimated $3.4 billion in annual brand sales, they believe they’re just getting started on their mission to maximize the full potential of treatments for patients and physicians around the globe. Their vision At Eagle is they are committed to developing innovative drugs that result in meaningful improvements in patients’ lives. They will develop and commercialize their drugs with honor and integrity while acting in a socially responsible manner.

Website- https://www.eagleus.com/

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