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East Asia Law Corporation

5. Colin Kang Managing Director East Asia Law Corporation Five Best Dynamic Business Leaders Ruling the Law Industry - 2021


 Established on October 1, 2000, the East Asia Law Corporation (“EALC”) was formed by incorporating the legal firm of Ganesh & Colin. The founding partners of EALC, Colin Kang and Premchand Soman were committed to realism and flexibility as the cornerstones of their practice. The founders understood the adversity where both Colin and Love suffered from a serious illness but established the practice to provide the flexibility needed to practice the law.

EALC has a team of dedicated professional lawyers and paralegals who come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and are professionally trained to serve clients with personal and dedicated services.

Their law firm gives their clients a clear and practical assessment of the legal issues involved in their affairs and offers real solutions. They also recognize that the client has a variety of financial means and aims to provide flexible and affordable payment plans.

Their areas of practice:

  1. Transportation and property law
  2. Banking Finance and Securities
  3. Singapore corporate and commercial lawyers
  4. The law for the offender
  5. Intellectual property
  6. Estate Planning and Trusts
  7. Civil and Commercial Litigation and Arbitration
  8. Immigration

Their Divorce Overview:

They understand that divorce is a difficult and daunting prospect for many consumers. They have personally seen many of their clients suffer from common problems that arise during divorce proceedings – such as denial of their access rights to their children by their spouses, as well as constant threats of criminal and civil lawsuits.

Many of their clients have chosen them after exploring their options because of their strong family law team, which sets them apart from the rest. Their lawyers are equipped with a strong wealth of experience in family litigation and their paralegals are always available to help. They are here to listen and help you whenever possible.

They believe in providing practical solutions for divorce clients, especially when minors are involved. Their clients always come back strong after the whole divorce process.

Their divorce experts are experienced in disputes concerning the division of marital property and will be able to advise you on the appropriate percentage of the division by applying the existing legal principles.

If you and your spouse are separated from each other, it may be in the best interests of both parties to sign a deed of separation and record any related agreement to avoid future disputes.

They will be able to negotiate the terms of your Deed of Separation with you and your spouse and ensure that you are aware of issues that can be publicized. This deed can usually take place in a day or two – and they have personally attended to customers from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. If you want to know how a divorce deed can be binding in Singapore, their divorce experts can inform you about it based on existing legal principles.


The purpose of EALC is to be your trusted friend, not just your lawyer. With their team of dedicated lawyers and paralegals, they will go the extra mile to create the best possible solutions tailored to your needs.



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