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About the company

Easyray is a business comprised of highly dedicated professionals. We are continually up to speed in the realm of computer science at Easyray. We have a lot of experience and strive to be the best at all we do.

We take a proactive approach to work and do not squander time. We concentrate on your objectives and equip you with a capable and experienced team. We take pride in all of our work and strive for the best results possible! Customers of Easyray come from all over the world, with projects in Dubai, London, and New Zealand.

When it comes to working with people from other countries, we are a company that stands out. It’s never been easier to hire English-speaking IT specialists to bridge the gap between home and away.

Our Goal : At Easyray, we have a specialised team of designers and developers who can assist your company in focusing on its objectives and achieving success. When you work with Easyray, you’ll have direct access to your team for immediate feedback and improvement. Making your project a huge success.

Our History

2001 : : Easyray started as a freelance group by developing applications in ASP, .php, JAVASCRIPT, C and C++. Since the beginning, we focused on usability and User Experience, these being the foundation of all our projects.

2006 : Easyray joined the University of Pisa as a highly qualified ICT group dealing with project planning and digitalization. We created the UniPOS system (to store digitally the university exam results), which became the official system of University of Pisa, Milan, Brescia and Alma Mater in Bologna.

2008 : Easyray was acquired by the Consorzio Pisa Ricerche (CPR) and become the IT department for members (Regione Toscana, the Province and the Municipality of Pisa, University of Pisa, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Scuola Normale Supe-than, CNR, etc).

  • 100 EU Projects

  • 150 National and regional projects

  • 200 Private Projects

2012 : In December 2012, Easyray detached from CPR, becoming an independent brand. Easyray continued the collaboration with the University of Pisa.

Today : Easyray is still working with members of CPR in more than 20 projects and has a portfolio of more than 40 private companies.

Why should you go with Easyray?

Our crew is committed, driven, and enthusiastic about all tasks, always aiming for perfection. The team is made up of persons who have undergone extensive training and have a high level of technical understanding. We keep up with all of the latest innovations and technology in order to stay ahead of the competition. The team is serious and hardworking. We never miss a deadline. We focus on our customers’ demands when we work closely with them to establish a successful partnership.

About the Application

Because internet browsing is migrating away from desktop platforms and toward smartphones and tablets, Easyray pays special attention to the creation of mobile applications in addition to developing and executing multi-platform mobile sites.

As a result, it becomes critical for any type of activity to not only design the company site according to responsive standards – in order to make it mobile-friendly- but also to obtain a specific APP that can not only convey the promotional message, but also provide direct access to the services offered to its customers. The most well-known brands have an official application, and they earn from their reputation, brand awareness, and client expansion – and thus their turnover.

Our applications are great for launching your brand in this area: they have an intuitive interface that is simple to use but elegant and sophisticated enough to leave an impression, and they have everything needed for the programme to work well. No more issues with managing and coordinating: the administration panel -which varies based on the app type- provides you complete control over the contents, allowing you to easily alter and combine them.

Details of the company:

  • Year of Founding : 2001

  • Funding Information : Privately held

  • Founding Members : Ing. Antonio Raimondo (CEO & Founder)

  • Office Locations : Corso Italia, 73 – 56125 Pisa

  • Company Strength : 50 Employees

Website :

Story By : Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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