Top 05 Architecture & Interior Design Companies in the Philippines 2022-profiles

Edward Co Tan Architects

6. Edward Tan Principal Architect Edward Co Tan Architects

Architect Edward Co Ten has been a licensed architect since 1984. Established in the early 2000s, Edward Co Tan + Architects (ECT+A) aims to produce not just quality but outstanding service to its clients. Considering this, the corporate is guided by effectiveness and efficiency in all its designs in three major aspects: construction cost, space planning, and sustainable operation. ECT+A was awarded by BCI Asia Awards together with the highest 10 Architectural Firms within the Philippines in 2017, 2012-2015, and 2005.

Over the years, ECT+A has designed several buildings of various typologies like low-rise to high-rise residential buildings, boutique hotels, resorts, island developments, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, and residential homes. In 2012, ECT+A sealed a partnership with the US-based architectural firm Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, for an office block project in Bonifacio Global City, “The Curve”. The corporate offers services that emphasize value engineering and value space planning.

This system is far more economical than others – considerably by a minimum of 5%, without sacrificing the integrity of the structure and quality of materials. The technique considers all aspects of construction. Structural concerns are never left unconsidered. ECT+A’s main philosophy is “Structure as Architecture”. They plan the realm and therefore the volume, similarly, considering the form and also the form. Since ECT+A’s business is Architecture, the corporate aims to never omit aesthetics. They shall make their buildings architectural landmarks.

All about the Founder

Edward Tan received a degree in architecture from the University of Santo Thomas. Edward Tan has covered and led projects on various typologies starting from residential, commercial, institutional, and leisure buildings. Together with his keen specialization in value space planning and value engineering, he led his generation to become one of the highest architecture companies in the country. His involvement in various high-rise projects led him to begin the practice of structure as an architecture, a philosophy focused on efficiency.

Edward Tan contains a keen interest in the principles of geometry and modernism, having acquired his expertise in designing projects focused on the employment of space, cost, and operational efficiency. Understanding how architecture determines, manipulates, controls, and influences human behavior, demonstrates a robust conviction on the natural essence of being the foremost important consider declaring the simplest of materials, thus building – a structure and architecture.

Their Services:

  1. Architecture

With their 15 years of practice and style of assorted kinds of buildings, their company ECT + A has built a reputation for excellent service in design. They maintain an in-depth relationship with their customers to come up with beneficial output for the parties involved. They’re dedicated architects and designers inspired by the principles of efficiency – satisfying the requirements of the customer, the building, and also the environment.

  • Master planning

They understand the importance of space on ECT + A, especially in large developments. The way to build relationships between buildings, street networks, and nearby communities, they have to appear at the opportunities of every project to be able to come up with a private design process. With this in mind, among other things, the master planning services they supply allow their clients to maximize their land and build an environment that may satisfy all sensibilities.

  • Interior design

Their in-house interior design guarantees the simplest quality of a given space. They believe that any livable space is born with careful attention to detail. With this, their designers aim for a healthy and successful environment with a comprehensive understanding of human needs – artistic and functional – giving their customers better results than imagined.


They study this concept by gazing at it as a multifunctional architectural element and the way it defines, manipulates, controls, and influences people and therefore the space around them. Because of the demand for space advancement, especially in high-density areas, their firm believes in these three main factors focused on efficiency: space planning, construction costs, and operational costs.

And to realize structural opportunities, they emphasize value space planning and value engineering and style with a close focus not only on the realm but also on volume. This can be manifested in the way they use load-bearing walls in what they call interactive wall systems. They see this structural system as a challenge in presenting, that when taken in an exceedingly local context it’s more economical and effective than current building trends.


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