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Emerging industries in African Continent


Africa is fast becoming one of the most respected continents due to its growing economies and regions. Countries like Nigeria, Angola, and South Africa are experiencing great growth in their economies due to working industries and growing regions. The fast-growing sectors are agriculture, telecommunications, banking, infrastructure and oil, and gas.

At least 10 African countries rank among the top ten sources for at least one mineral resource. From the point of view of agriculture, one-fourth of the world’s arable land belongs to Africa.

The fastest-growing industries in South Africa are largely linked to various business sectors. According to Global Data, the economic factors contribute heavily to the estimated 4% GDP growth for 2021. As South Africa’s economy developed in the early 1990s, there was a significant shift from mining and agriculture to other industries such as wholesale and retail commerce, tourism, and communications.

In light of this revival, African leaders have adapted their discourse to reflect the new economic goals of their respective countries. In the national economic development plans of most African countries, the traditional objectives of reducing poverty or improving socio-economic indicators have given way to this goal to emerge gradually.

Africa Is Industrializing

An African Industrial Revolution is on course as manufacturers from diverse fields increase production of everything from processed food to automobiles. In the current scenario, African industries have the potential to double their production to nearly $1 trillion within a decade. Three-quarters of that growth is likely to come from manufacturing to substitute imports and to meet growing local demand. But there is also a significant opportunity to increase manufacturing exports and make Africa the world’s next great manufacturing hub as industries move from China to low-cost regions. The ongoing revolution among industries without smokestacks, such as tourism, agro-industry, and some information and communication technology-based services, can serve as growth escalators because these industries combine three key characteristics of traditional manufacturing. share- export potential, high productivity, and high labor intensity.

What are the fastest-growing industries in South Africa?

With many emerging and fast-growing industries, there are new job opportunities and new business opportunities on the horizon. High growth, high profitability, and minimal consolidation define South Africa’s fastest-growing industries. Due to not being dependent on anyone’s industry for revenue, the country is becoming more and more self-reliant. A growing middle class coupled with political stability contributed heavily to driving Mzansi’s economic growth.

The fastest-growing industries in South Africa include:

  • Finance And Banking
  • Communication And Information Technology
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Mining Industry
  • Agriculture And Agricultural Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals And Healthcare
  • Insurance Industry
  • Real Estate
  • Automobile
  • Fashion And Beauty

The island country of Mauritius is the most developed in Africa with an HDI of .804, clearing the “Very High Human Development” threshold. Mauritius has a life expectancy of 75 years and a literacy rate of 91.3% and is known for its advanced economy and free health care and schooling. Globally, Mauritius still ranks 66th in 189 countries examined, showing the gap between Africa and other continents, but other African countries can draw inspiration from the country’s success. Seychelles (7.96) is just behind Mauritius in 67th place. The country’s economic growth is primarily driven by tourism, and the GDP has increased nearly seven-fold since 1976. Algeria is the third most developed country in Africa with an HDI score of .748. Algeria currently has the highest life expectancy of all African countries at 76.3 years. To see the Human Development Index score for each African country, see the table below.

Innovation To Free Up Agriculture And Resource Wealth

Africa has long been known for its abundance of resources, both in agriculture and mineral resources. However, to date, Africa has struggled to convert these resources into shared wealth and sustained economic growth. Innovations and investments promise to change that picture and create exciting growth opportunities for the business. For example, in oil and gas, Africa is rich in unexplored, high-capacity fields, and the continent does not have huge energy demands. We estimate the domestic gas market in Africa to grow by 9 percent annually until 2025, by which time the continent could use up to 70 percent of its gas.


South Africa has begun to transition from a traditional economy to a knowledge-based economy, in which digital technology, e-commerce, banking, and other services will play an increasingly prominent role in the coming years.

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