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“Smart factory solutions for manufacturing Shop floors”

ShopWorx is an end-to-end solution for manufacturing shop-floor management and analytics. They help companies digitize day-to-day manufacturing processes, simplify human interactions and deliver actionable insights to improve shop floor visibility and performance. Over 60+ leading automotive and white goods manufacturing companies in India, China, and SE Asia trust us to manage their shop floor operations.

Pain points like visibility, inaccurate information, lack of inventory accountability, delayed data, and improper utilization of machines and resources have caused a lot of downtime and revenue loss among manufacturing plants. Naturally, there is no timely update on work in progress and a lack of complete traceability. With their in-depth knowledge and understanding of real-world manufacturing, they have built ShopWorx which provides an end-to-end solution for your manufacturing Shop Floor monitoring and analysis and has become the software of choice providing visibility and improving shop floor production.

They’re also accelerated by CISCO Launchpad which has helped them grow rapidly in different markets by helping them in delivering quality and traceability in the Manufacturing industry creating a Value Chain for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Vendors not only in India but in 5 other countries too, namely China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, in a faster, better and cheaper manner. By numbers, they’ve saved more than $20M+ for their smart customers, via monitoring over 8 billion products.


  • Real-time monitoring of your entire plant. Make smarter decisions: ShopWorx has been modeled around the problems of shop floor data and brings the entire plant on a single page that is updated in real-time. They use IoT sensors that help collect data and then run analytics and ML to train an algorithm and finally deploy it as a real-time solution to decrease downtime and burn rate.
  • Production Monitoring and Insights: Take the guesswork away! One of the root causes of issues is the guesswork that lies in inventory management, OEE, and labor issues. The cogs of the machine are never in unison, which results in data being biased, inconsistent, expensive, or in most cases, entirely inaccessible.
  • Maintenance Monitoring and Insights: Automate preventive maintenance, Predict and schedule time/condition-based maintenance activities, get mobile-friendly apps for supervisors to assign and perform maintenance tasks. Live streaming on TV Dashboards displaying maintenance activity and asset health.
  • Assembly Line MES: Manage your assembly lines efficiently with advanced work order management with end-to-end traceability. Get visual dashboards for live monitoring and detailed analysis of TAKT Time vs Cycle time and comparison charts with actionable insights.
  • Utility Monitoring and Insights: Real-time consumption monitoring and analytics of all utilities on the shop floor like water, air, gas, energy, steam, fuel, compressors, chillers, etc. Improve bottom line by reducing unnecessary utility consumption by 5-7%.
  • Quality Inspection: Identify and kill the defects at the production stage to save on time, cost and resources. Get a continuous and real-time process parameter monitoring and capture rejections digitally with actionable insights to eliminate batch rejections.
  • Operator Assistance System: Empower machine operators with live streaming of information on a machine-specific touch panel or a tablet device, where the operators can see the real-time trends and predictions for the ongoing production activities. Operators can also enter data like QA/JH checklists and access SOP’s or production drawings for their references.
  • Advanced Analytics and ML: Their advanced ML algorithms predict rejections/ bad quality part production before occurrence. Their ML engine can detect real-time production bottlenecks and gives recommendations in advance to the planner to mitigate risks.
  • Visualize KPIs Look at key metrics: Big, small, online, offline, local, or other. Size doesn’t matter. They work on diverse projects for top brands as well as for cool start-ups.

What drove manufacturing to the peak was a highly efficient and experienced labor force in the old days. But that is in the tailpipe, or simply a mirage now. Businesses are growing by leaps and bounds and using any of yesteryear’s solutions is simply not practical.

They’re further digitizing the industry 4.0 revolution, so the entire shop floor now fits in the palm of your hand. See the numbers behind this innovation: 50 Person years of manufacturing Shop Floor & 100 Person years of IT consulting experience make Entrib a preferred partner for your journey into Digital Manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Website- http://shopworx.io/

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