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Entrust Datacard Provides Trusted Identities For Secure Transactions In Today’s Digital World

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About the company

Entrust Data Card was founded 50 years ago to address an issue in the payment industry: how to quickly customise a payment card or credential to match market demand. Payment cards were still relatively new at the time, and high-speed customization was required. This market concern was noticed by the founders of Entrust Data Card.

We’ve developed secure links all around the world, including into space. With our card printing and issuing technology, we’ve made it possible to make secure debit and credit card purchases. With our border control solutions, you may travel internationally safely. With our SSL technologies, we’ve created safe online experiences. With our authentication products, we’ve also protected networks and devices.

Entrust Datacard, as a merged firm, was able to bring a combined solution to the government market that allowed for the secure issuing of a physical passport with a chip containing the citizen’s digital identity. This chip contains all of the information found on a physical passport, as well as background information utilised by the worldwide community to verify an individual’s identification.

This integrated solution gives residents an identification that is unique to them as individuals, allowing them to travel freely across borders. For the Internet of Things, Entrust Datacard also provides authentication, connected systems, and secure gateways.

According to the firm, its five success factors are:

1. People- Above all, the organisation believes in its employees and provides them with the necessary resources to fulfil their goals while also empowering them to reach their professional goals.

2. Ownership- Because it is a privately held firm, it has an owner that believes in the company’s long-term growth and is ready to reinvest profits into developing future offers.

3. Global reach— serving over 150 countries from 34 locations across the world—provides a fantastic opportunity to break into a variety of markets.

Diverse customers and markets, as well as a diverse product line, are among the company’s strengths.

The organisation contributes to the worldwide IT platform and society at large by actively participating in a variety of standard groups, such as the Certificate Authority (CA) Browser

Forum. The Cloud Security Alliance, the Industrial Internet Consortium, the Document Security Alliance, the VMWare Mobile Security Alliance, the Secure Technology Alliance, the PCI Security Standards Council, and the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance are just a few of the organisations to which the company belongs.

About the CEO

Anudeep Parhar joined Entrust Datacard in 2016 to spearhead the company’s rapid shift to the cloud across the board. His vision and leadership are critical to improving the company’s digital security posture and modernising the company’s technological operations for colleagues and customers. Mr. Parhar came to the firm from Bloom Health, where he was the chief technology officer. He formerly worked at Digital River, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, and Thomson Reuters West in executive IT and technology roles. He holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Minnesota, Moorhead, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from India’s Gulbarga University.

Source : Entrust

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