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“Mobile Platform Management for the real world”

A brief background on the Featured Leader:

Amir is the founder of Eturi Corp., a San Diego-based software company that develops essential cross-platform solutions for mobile devices and is the maker of OurPact and Motiv. With more than 20 years of technology management experience, Amir has specialized knowledge in nurturing innovative technology companies from start-up to dynamic growth to acquisition.

We would like to know about your company’s inception story. How did you get the idea of establishing this company?

As a father of two, Eturi’s founder, he saw first-hand the need to manage screen time. Back in 2014, he would come home after long days at the office and be excited to spend quality time with his family. The problem was, his children weren’t ‘present’ – they were texting at the dinner table and scrolling through Instagram during conversations. It felt like every family moment was being hijacked by screens or by arguments about screens.

So, he decided to write up a ‘pact’ that positioned device use as a privilege and outlined expectations for that privilege to continue: no screens during family meals, for an hour before bed, during homework time. No more arguments. In theory. While his kids made good progress, the system still lacked accountability. He’d tell his daughters: “only fifteen more minutes,” then come back to them still on their device over an hour later. One morning, he found himself looking at the contracts taped to the refrigerator and had an ‘Aha’ moment. Right then, he realized that technology is the problem, but it can also be the solution. From that day, he set out to develop an app that would help families limit screen time, without the arguments.

This was the ‘aha’ moment that made OurPact, Powered by Eturi Corp come to fruition.

Tell us about your products and services.

We continue to lead the MDM category in innovation and product development, and as such, we see ourselves as a leader, helping to pave the way for other companies. While some companies worry about competition, we thrive on competition, teamwork, collaboration, and innovation.

To lead, we must continue to be leaders. I believe curiosity is the spark behind every great idea and the fuel for leadership. And because I remain curious, I am a voracious reader, allowing me to stay on top of market trends. In addition, having such a strong, innovative, and trained team also helps keep me at the forefront of market trends. If there happens to be something I missed, they will be sure to highlight it to me with a recommendation on how it may help Eturi achieve its goals.

Eturi has two apps and two distinct customers. OurPact, the world’s leading parental control app is targeted towards consumers, and Motiv, the first mobile dashboard build to manage productivity is targeted to Small & Medium-Sized businesses.

For OurPact, our focus demographically is parents with children aged five to fifteen. However, we mainly want to empower parents to raise thoughtful digital citizens so their children can effectively navigate the ever-growing digital ecosystem. As digital continues to grow in importance in people’s lives, people must become smart digital citizens, especially those surrounded by social media. OurPact is the one app-wise parents need to help guide their children to healthy digital habits.

Motiv’s target audience is the SMB market, focusing on business leaders at companies that remain remote, hybrid, or distributed and are looking to receive productivity metrics on their teams. These individuals in the C-Suite or business leaders who want to ensure their teams work effectively, collaborate on critical projects and ensure their teams remain engaged and are not experiencing burnout

What motivates Founder/CEO?

What motivates me is the opportunity to solve problems using the best technology possible. I have always been wired to think of how technology can tackle problems and inefficiencies. So, where the technology does not exist, I break the barrier and develop it! Being able to help people with their everyday challenges – knowing what we have developed makes people’s lives easier/better/more fulfilled – that is what motivates me.

Another key motivation factor is developing talent. To see an individual thrive, watch as teams come together to brilliantly solve challenges that’s what makes me wake up every day, excited for the next opportunity.

Failures are definitely a part of the entrepreneurial journey. While they are frustrating, they offer great opportunities to learn. One of the earliest lessons I learned was not to rush a product to market.

Covid19 pandemic gave a sudden rise to the software industry. How does it affect your company?

When we first entered the pandemic, my priority was to ensure the safety of my team, which meant a quick pivot to work from home. But with that shift, I experienced how challenging it was to lead effectively from a decentralized operation. I have always valued the corner office vantage point – being able to tune into the hum and buzz of my team collaborating. Who is meeting with whom? Is my product manager getting enough minutes with appropriate stakeholders in advance of an upcoming release?

That view went away with the shift to remote work, but I could get a similar picture with technology. With Eturi’s years of experience in remote monitoring software, I also knew I was also the best team to develop a convenient, easy-to-use app.

Now, I can access those key insights from my device and subsequently use them to make decisions and drive business effectively. The product is available for all business leaders, looking to gain an understanding of their distributed teams.

What are your further expansion plans in the near future?

We have an aggressive growth plan for our newest app, Motiv. We’ll be adding features vertically and horizontally, working in lockstep with the needs of our users, providing frequent releases to meet and exceed their needs.

Our flagship product, OurPact, is also within our roadmap, and we are looking to add some new innovative features to an already incredible product.

And of course, I am always looking for the next new opportunity to use the technology to make people’s lives better!

Company Name Eturi Corp
Founding Year 2014
Office Locations San Diego, CA
Name of the Featured Leader: Amir Moussavian
Designation of the Featured Leader: Executive Chairman and CEO
Website https://eturi.com/

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