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Excelerate Energy L P

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About the company

Excelerate Energy L.P., situated in The Woodlands, Texas, is a US-based LNG corporation. Excelerate is a world leader in innovative floating LNG solutions, offering integrated services across the entire LNG value chain with the goal of providing customers with quick-to-market and reliable LNG solutions. From FSRU to infrastructure construction to LNG delivery, Excelerate provides a full range of floating regasification services.

We are the pioneer and world leader in innovative LNG midstream solutions.

Excelerate Energy is the recognised leader in floating LNG regasification solutions, with a track record of success and innovation. We have exhibited an unequalled capacity to turn our partners’ obstacles into opportunities since our inception in 2003. We’ve really delivered more floating LNG solutions than any other company.

On the market, we supply entire LNG solutions in the most efficient and safest manner possible. As a result, we can meet your energy consumption requirements in any environment and at any time. You have a partner in us who knows how to keep the energy flowing.

Floating Regasification (FSRU)

Many of our floating LNG regas solutions have become the industry standard.

As the pioneer of floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs), our experience gives us the unique ability to offer complete floating regasification (FSRU) solutions to meet the energy demands of an ever-changing global market. We have over a decade of experience in FSRUs, applying innovative, yet proven technology and commercial solutions to provide safe, efficient and lower cost LNG import solutions to meet the needs of each customer. We lead the industry in operational FSRU projects.

1. Assets

  • Commercial control of over $3 billion in assets

  • Operator of the largest fleet of floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs) in the industry

2. Achievements

  • Delivered the first FSRU to market, the Excelsior.

  • Pioneered ship-to-ship transfer of LNG

  • Developed first deep-water and dockside LNG import terminals in the industry

  • Developed the first LNG import terminals in South America, Kuwait, and Pakistan

3. Operations

  • Facilities are manned 24/7 with specialized personnel

  • Excelerate has the most experience of any company in the development, permitting, and installation of offshore and near shore regasification facilities

  • We work with local government and environmental agencies to ensure projects:

  • Meet or exceed all local and international standards for construction and operation

  • Operate in a safe, reliable manner with minimal environmental impacts

  • With detailed planning and management, we achieve availability rates as high as 100% xx

Company History

Our name is synonymous with dynamic, inventive leadership in the floating LNG business at Excelerate Energy. Our strategy has been to use established technology in new ways to adapt to changing market needs since the outset.

Excelerate Energy recognised the need for a cost-effective, fast-track solution for LNG imports over a decade ago and pioneered the concept of onboard LNG regasification. Since introducing floating storage regasification units (FSRUs) to the market, our technology has gained worldwide acceptance and opened up new markets for LNG.

We keep the flow of energy going.

From FSRU to a complete gas supply solution, we have complete flexibility to meet your demands. Excelerate Energy is the only floating LNG provider that can handle the whole midstream LNG supply chain.

Details of the company:

  • Year of Founding: 2003

  • Funding Information: Privately held

  • Founding Members: David Savage (Founder & CEO)

  • Office Locations: The Woodlands, Texas, United States

  • Company Strength: 1-50 Employees

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