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Exiger: Pathbreaking Supply Chain Risk Management

To eliminate waste, maximise revenues, and provide consumers with the greatest quality products and solutions, supply chains decide the effective distribution of commodities and services across national and worldwide networks. From the smallest material suppliers to the largest manufacturers, today’s supply chains have evolved into interconnected networks spanning the globe. Because it is so large, identifying and grasping the extent of a supply chain in order to remove unforeseen hazards has become a gargantuan undertaking for both private companies and governments.

Supply Chain Risk Management has evolved into a multi-faceted and dynamic panorama of risk vectors and opportunities that must be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to keep up with the ever-changing geopolitical landscape. Any mismanaged entity in a supply chain can result in wasted labour, service redundancy, and missed deadlines, all of which cost manufacturers a lot of money.

While supply chain management has long been a disruptive business, with dozens of companies around the world developing solutions to identify and eliminate hazards, one company has emerged as the market leader. Exiger, founded in 2013, and its President Brandon Daniels provide the next generation of artificial intelligence-driven, flexible digital supply chain solutions to businesses and governments. Exiger’s ground-breaking solutions for supply chain risk management enable businesses to take control of their whole supplier exposure story, providing the transparency and real-time insights they need to make smart decisions.

Illuminating the Supply Chain

The twenty-first century saw an unparalleled increase in economic and global expansion initiatives, with governments all over the world adopting policies and inventions to speed up their development. The Covid-19 pandemic briefly disrupted this fast-paced trend, but today’s economies are quickly reorganising and resuming where they left off.

Global supply chains have been transformed into multi-layered, often impenetrable, opaque entities as a result of these socio-economic transformations combined with the digitalization of even the simplest operational operations. Worse, the present due diligence techniques traditionally used by businesses to verify their suppliers are not only time-consuming and inefficient, but they are also at least a decade old. Furthermore, the ever-changing regulatory demands of many countries continue to create fresh and more costly issues.

Exiger believes that every company has the right and obligation to have a clear picture of their entire supply chain, all the way down to the nth tier. To that end, Exiger is breaking down barriers by empowering businesses with pathbreaking technology that identifies, assesses, and helps mitigate all dangerous and damaging variables in a company’s supply chain. Exiger’s proprietary technology DDIQ, an award-winning risk-based AI platform that blends automation with human researcher abilities, zooms in on the most important supply chain risks and then takes consistent and justifiable actions against them. Let’s have a look at how we can do it.

“Supply Chain Risk Management has evolved into a multi-faceted and dynamic panorama of risk vectors and opportunities that must be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to keep up with the ever-changing geopolitical situation.”

Due Diligence Reimagined

Exiger’s global team is guided by a single mission: to make the world a safer place to do business. DDIQ’s advanced AI-powered platform is the world’s first purpose-built technology solution for managing today’s most complex risk and compliance issues. DDIQ is designed to expedite the process of gathering organised data so that businesses may make crucial operational choices with confidence and speed. It can also be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.

This innovative solution is programmed to read, comprehend, and analyse an infinite amount of data utilising the same cognitive reasoning as a human –– just much faster. The DDIQ tool was trained to not only eliminate false positives, but also to meet the most recent national and international regulatory requirements.

DDIQ is without a doubt the most advanced supply chain risk management tool in history. It is based on a two-step modular software that maps a transparent supply chain overview for businesses. To begin, a large number of online sources are used to compile all of the known information on a supplier. This information is then compiled, monitored, and updated in real time to allow for continuous risk assessment.

DDIQ’s data sources are an amalgamation of all commerce-related information about a supplier and their supply, such as shipping details and country of origin; open-source data, such as product manuals, software installation and replacement guides; and data from government procurement contracts, where exposing a supplier’s supply chain is a requirement.

After gathering all of the data, DDIQ augments it with whatever visibility that the client’s company possesses, resulting in an encompassing visualization of the complete supply chain, right down to the raw materials source. Once the supply chain has been ‘identified,’ DDIQ conducts real-time due diligence on the companies involved. Operational resilience, financial health, reputation, criminal or regulatory risks, and FOCI are all covered by this due diligence (Foreign Ownership Control and Influence).

Organizations gain a clear and precise risk picture of their whole supply chain as a result of this enhanced process, which they can use to prioritize their future actions. Exiger also assists its partners in identifying areas where they may enhance their ties and reinforce their supply chain architecture to gain a competitive advantage.

Leading the Charge

Exiger has established itself as the global authority on financial crime and fraud, led by Brandon and backed by a team of some of the top industry professionals and technologists in the world. Through its combination of practical expertise, award-winning technology, and process excellence, the Exiger team has single-handedly transformed how enterprises, banks, and governments manage risk.

Brandon has been trusted by some of the world’s largest organisations to solve their most complex challenges, from overhauling the financial services market in the mid-2000s to leading a major segment of supply chain risk management in the Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF) Covid-19 response effort.

Brandon has led the implementation of cutting-edge technology and managed some of the largest crises, compliance, and risk management concerns in the corporate and public sectors. Top-tier publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, Financial Times, The Atlantic, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and others frequently seek his advice.

Brandon and his organisation now have the world’s largest data footprint, which they utilise to evaluate supply chain risks and threats. Brandon stays committed to Exiger’s clients in helping them conduct delicate and risk-laden supply chain illuminations, identifying and verifying every supplier on an individual level, leveraging over 16,000 structured sources and 30 million unstructured sources of data.

Fortifying the Frontline

Exiger’s supply chain risk management solutions proved game-changing when the Covid-19 outbreak swept the world, startling governments, businesses, enterprises, and individuals. Exiger built a nationwide supply chain network in collaboration with the US federal government and the Joint Acquisition Task Force to undertake targeted medical material purchase and production in support of the national Covid -19 response operation.

The Exiger platform and technicians conducted due diligence on over 11 thousand enterprises in 30 days to provide safe and reliable pharmacological devices and protective gear to the healthcare frontlines at the speed of relevancy. The company also aided the US government in identifying supply chain vulnerabilities in over 30 critical service markets that supported the numerous products needed to launch the American counter-covid-19 campaign.

The US government was able to transact billions of dollars with vetted and approved suppliers thanks to Exiger’s innovative technology, and effectively launch their pandemic response.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Exiger has 11 offices throughout the world with leading global experts from the private sector and government. They are renowned in the business for their outstanding contributions to diversity, inclusion, and women empowerment. Exiger Women’s Initiative Networks (WINS), an employee resource group, was established to attract, retain, and promote exceptional and diverse female leadership at Exiger, while also raising awareness and addressing the specific issues women face in the workplace.

Exiger Cares, its philanthropic arm, is dedicated to removing barriers to basic human rights and opening doors to education and opportunity for all. Exiger is also a proud supporter and partner of Transparency International, a global coalition aimed at exposing the networks that enable corruption and human rights abuses.

In today’s corporate climate, third parties are being scrutinised for appropriate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies. There is a new wave of legislation to reckon with for third-party and supply chain populations as new ESG standards take effect around the world. Exiger’s DDIQ platform allows companies to illuminate their supply chains and uncover ESG issues such as environmental concerns, diversity and inclusion problems, insufficient governance standards, and other risks.

Making the World a Safer Place to Do Business

Exiger’s ideal state is successfully securing resilient, effective and profitable global supply chains that proactively leverage automation and analytics that enable transparency to the average commercial manager. They are committed to developing bleeding-edge solutions that assist their clients most effectively in meeting their ever-changing supply chain demands. Here, the world’s brightest brains work hard to automate every step of the supply chain risk management process, allowing clients to detect and resolve any hidden dangers in seconds. Their purpose-built, long-term solution continues to outperform the competition in meeting the ever-increasing needs of today’s regulatory and highly disruptive financial climate.

Exiger remains set to be the risk management partner to some of the world’s largest and most complex and vital markets. Exiger and DDIQ have teamed with companies like Pernod Ricard, Braskem, HSBC, and many more to help the world’s top corporations manage every single danger vector that could jeopardise the progress of the American economy and its allied partners.


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