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Exl Service

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The EXL journey

We’re more than just experts in analytics, operations management, and technology at EXL.

We know all there is to know about you and your industry.

This provides the framework for us to dig further in order to identify and seize opportunities to outperform.

We call it Digital Intelligence: the critical combination of digital and domain knowledge, as well as human and technological expertise that results in ground-breaking results.

Companies in the world’s most complicated industries—from insurance to healthcare to transportation—bring us their most difficult difficulties and seemingly impossible goals because of Digital Intelligence.

EXL is headquartered in New York and employs over 32,600 people in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, and South Africa.

We work as a complete team with one ultimate purpose in mind: to empower our clients to transform—to move from catching up to leading the pack.

Because we aren’t satisfied with simply assisting our clients in adapting to change.

We empower them to be the change agents.

EXL Service is a leading operations management and analytics firm that assists clients in establishing and growing long-term business relationships.

We go deeper to create and manage agile, customer-centric operating models by orchestrating our domain expertise, data, analytics, and digital technologies to improve global operations, generate profitability, enhance customer satisfaction, increase data-driven insights, and manage risk and compliance.

EXL is headquartered in New York and employs over 31,700 people across the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, India, the Philippines, Colombia, Australia, and South Africa.

Insurance, healthcare, banking and financial services, utilities, travel, transportation and logistics, media and retail are just a few of the industries that EXL supports.

Our Purpose

We believe there is always a better way. We look deeper, we find it, and we make it happen.

Our Values

Operations Management, Decision Analytics, Technology Platforms, Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Insurance, Risk & Financial Management, Travel, Transportation and logistics, Banking and Financial Services, Operations & Process Excellence, Utilities, Analytics, Digital Transformation, Management Consulting, Finance Transformation, IT Audit, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics, Machine Learning, and NLP

Rohit Kapoor: Vice Chairman and CEO, EXL Service

Rohit co-founded EXL in 1999 and has managed the company’s rapid transformation from a provider of operational support services to a global leader in strategic operations management and advanced analytics, with over 32,000 people worldwide and annual revenue exceeding $1 billion.

Rohit was essential in the early stages of EXL in completing multiple acquisitions that both established the company’s strengths and spurred strong development avenues.

He oversaw the company’s initial public offering in 2006, and since then, the stock price has increased by a factor of ten.

Leading the Change

“At EXL we approach every new initiative in a systematic and thoughtful manner. Our focus on sustainability is no different. We felt the need to develop a strategy that would help enhance our actions in this domain. This strategy provides us with a framework that will enable us to “Lead the Change, Change to Lead”.

We created a culture founded on core values of innovation, collaboration, excellence, integrity and respect.

  • Industry : Information Technology & Services

  • Company size : 10,001+ employees

  • Headquarters : New York, NY

  • Type : Public Company

  • Founded : 1999

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