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Ferrari to make 80% hybrid and full-electric range by 2030

Ferrari to make

Italian luxury sports car maker Ferrari on Thursday announced an electrification strategy that will require 40% all-electric vehicles and 40% hybrid models by 2030.

CEO Benedetto Vigna has confirmed that the first electric car will be available in 2025 and the first deliveries will be made the following year.

Now, only four Ferrari models, or 20% of the range, are hybrids. The first hybrid model was the limited edition La Ferrari, which was introduced in 2013 and took advantage of Formula 1 technology.

Vigna, a former tech entrepreneur who joined Ferrari as CEO nine months ago, said the electrification strategy is “highly relevant”.

As Ferrari expands its model range, the auto company, based in the northern Italian city of Maranello, said it will launch its long-awaited Purosangue commercial vehicle in September. With the Italian name for Thoroughbred, Purosangue will represent no more than 20% of the vehicles produced during its cycle.

In total, Ferrari plans to launch 15 new models from 2023 to 2026, including a new high-performance supercar.

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