Best Educational Platforms to follow in 2022-profiles

FifthWisdom Technology

5. FifthWisdom Technology- The Team- Top 10 Best Educational Platforms to follow in 2022

They are an award-winning independent game developer specializing in educational game design and development in Hong Kong. They are a pioneer in educational game development in the region. Established in 2003, they have over 10 years of experience working with different local and overseas industry partners, educators, and educational institutes to create the perfect digital game-based learning solutions and products to meet their needs.

They provide Digital Game-Based Learning solutions to education institutions and other relevant organizations. Their educational learning games platform delivers effective learning methodologies and techniques using the latest interactive game technology and optimum design principles. Their games engage learners with deep and rewarding learning in a highly motivating context.

They provide Digital Game-Based Learning solutions/learning games for education institutions and other organizations. Their games are 100% safe for students of different ages. While having fun, students are learning the curriculum knowledge in the games as well as acquiring different 21st-century survival skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal skills in the process.

Planning, doing, reflecting, and linking is the process that a player goes through when playing digital games. Their game is designed based on the same learning model by Garris, Ahlers, and Driskell (2002).

Why do students need to learn Computer Science?

We are living in a world with technology, from banking, medicine, entertainment to retail. While students learn how to use it, they rarely learn how it works. We should try to equip everyone with the skills to not just use the technology but to make it work for them. Everyone should have a basic understanding that will take them through the rest of their lives!

A broad understanding of computer science and the art of programming. More importantly, they will learn how to think like computer scientists and get a glimpse into the science of problem-solving. They will learn how to think algorithmically and be able to design solutions for complex problems. The course will go through different concepts like abstraction, algorithms, computer architecture, the internet, digital citizenship, robotics, and game development.

Their aim is to introduce different concepts of computer science and the art of programming and understand the basics of game design, development, and production Their mission is to empower teachers with a new way to engage learners of all ages to make learning more meaningful.


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