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Force Manager

Eturi Corp pl8

“Works to create a company culture that promotes a creative work environment and a healthy work-life balance”

ForceManager is the leading CRM with a full-service WebApp created for a range of work styles including home, office, or the field. The success of the solution is due to its user-friendly interface, built-in geolocation features, and high user adoption rates. ForceManager is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain with international offices in London, Berlin, Venice, Mexico City, Madrid, Bogota, and Boston. With more than 100 employees their team proudly serves 1,500 customers worldwide. Since the beginning of ForceManager, their mission has been simple, transform the sales experience through mobility solutions designed for optimal productivity. They do this so their customers can focus their time on what matters – building customer relationships. ForceManager has raised $ 15.7 million in Series A and B funds and, with the acquisition of Sellf in September 2018, supports more than 1,500 customers in 36 markets in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the US.

ForceManager works to create a company culture that promotes a creative work environment and a healthy work-life balance. Their employees are encouraged to be intrapreneurs, take risks, and offer creative solutions and they’re always looking for new engineers, sales reps, marketing professionals, and customer success managers to join their Team.

Features they have:

  • Magic Card: The millions of data points are analyzed, and then condensed, into a readable dashboard that gives reps a quick overview of their daily activities.
  • Data Analysis: Analyze your sales data with custom graphs, diagrams, and field rep ranking charts to identify weak areas that need your attention.
  • Adapt to your needs: ForceManager mobile CRM is extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit the specific needs, wants, and sales terminology of your team.
  • Personal assistant: Based on the analysis of thousands of data points in the CRM, reps receive notices on potential upsells, cross-sells, and unattended clients.
  • CRM offline: No coverage, no problem! Reps can access everything offline, with any recorded data updated as soon as an internet connection is reestablished.
  • Recommendations and suggestions: Based on the analysis of thousands of data points in the CRM, reps receive recommendations of potential upsells, cross-sells, follow-up activities, and unattended clients.
  • Voice-to-text: Their AI-powered system developed in conjunction with both Apple and IBM, allows field reps to communicate via voice-to-text with the CRM.
  • Accounts and contacts: A centralized management system that allows you to classify, arrange and organize your team’s accounts, contacts, and opportunities
  • Card Manager: ForceManager scans physical business cards, automatically extracting information and updating client and account fields within the mobile CRM tool.

Their mission is to digitalize mid-market B2B on-the-go Sales teams to help you achieve your sales goals faster and easier, by accelerating their sales activity and empowering sales reps, with a world-class user experience and simple and usable interfaces. They want to become the best SALES CRM for B2B mid-market sales teams on the go. They strongly believe that all sales reps and sales managers should benefit from state-of-the-art sales practices and technology to fast track their results and be more successful.


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