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About us

The FundedHere is Singapore’s first Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)-licensed equity and debt crowd funding platform headquartered in Singapore. Since inception in 2016, the platform has raised more than $18 million over 30 campaigns. FundedHere’s startup ecosystem also consists of more than 1,800 investors, over 20 partners and more than 40 mentors.

Fundraising for Founders

  • How do I value my company?

  • Where do I start if I am keen to raise funds for my startup?

  • Are all investors the same?

  • How much due diligence do investors need to do?

  • Where do I find investors?

  • Does the fundraising process always have to be 6 months long?

Establishing Baseline Fundraising Readiness

We have prepared a short scorecard that provides some insights into the readiness to begin the fundraising process. The questions are categorized into four main segments. Firstly, it explores the founder’s core competencies and experience. Secondly, it considers the industry and the potential for growth. Thirdly, it explores

the use of technology and how scalable the business could be as a result of its use. Last but not least, it considers basic financial metrics such as revenue projections, valuation multiples etc.

In Depth Discovery & Analysis

We have an omni-channel tool that allows founders to upload basic information about the startup. This includes financial information and projections, key legal and operational documents, resumes of key management personnel. The FundedHere team will work together with the founder to unpack and rationalize these key documents to work out an indicative valuation of the startup.

While doing this, the founder and the FundedHere team will work on building an online data room for prospective investors to visit and an information memorandum that summarizes the key value propositions of the startup. These are important fundraising documents that are required to run a successful fundraising campaign.

Why FundedHere?

1. Stringently curated campaigns to ensure that investors are only introduced to the best of the startups.

2. Predictable fundraising structure that is highly efficient with proprietary 30-day campaign process.

3. Low entry point at $5,000 per investment allows for investors to buy into a diversified portfolio of startups.

4. Ecosystem made up of sophisticated investors, partners and experienced mentors that can add strategic value to startups

*This interview is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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