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1. Leonila P Galerio Galerio Environmental Consultancy

The company is committed and dedicated to providing environmental, engineering, and geological assistance to both private and public sectors.

Tell us about Galerio Environmental Consultancy’s (GEC) goal and vision.

The Galerio Environmental Consultancy is committed and dedicated to providing environmental, engineering, and geological assistance to both private and public sectors, finding the right balance between technological advancement and preservation of earth’s resources.

GEC dedicates itself to providing quality service to its clients with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. It has a strong backbone composed of a lean, project-driven team delivering the company’s strategy and core values. This requires clear leadership, a strong culture that includes everyone involved, and commitment to do decent and quality work for the clients. Above all, the company invests in its people by prioritizing the safety and health of the team on the ground, and its professional growth.

GEC is engaged in providing strategic and technical assistance from environmental permitting applications such as Environmental Compliance Certificate to providing Ambient Air and Noise Assessments, and other geological assessments which aim to craft plans and studies to identify the risks and formulate measures to mitigate these risks.

As a Philippine-based company, incongruent to the country’s development, Galerio Environmental Consultancy aims to be a world-class, highly competent engineering and environmental management consultancy provider for local government units, industries, and developers propelled by its strong commitment, passion, and dedication to its mission and philosophy. Sustainability and effective management are key aspects in progress and the company proffer build partnerships to realize these goals.

What services does your company offer? What differentiates your services from your contemporaries?

Unlike other firms, the company has a myriad of services for engineering, environmental, geological, geotechnical, and social domains. Among the services, the company is in the major league in preparing the pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, assisting in the project implementation, and post-implementation monitoring. It is a one-stop shop company that can provide services from the onset and the finalization of a project. Our competitors do not offer one-stop-shop services as their services are not extensive.

The company best offers applications for securing an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), providing necessary information on the environmental implications of proposed actions for a project. This certificate can be attained through the processing of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), and Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC). This process involved evaluating and predicting the likely impacts of a project on the environment during the construction, operation, and abandonment. It also includes designing appropriate preventive, mitigating, and enhancement measures addressing these consequences to protect the environment and the community’s welfare.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) methodologies include the identification of four major key components land, water, air, and people. For land, the following are assessed: land use and classification, geology/geomorphology, geohazard assessment, pedology, and terrestrial ecology. For water, the following are considered: hydrology, water quality, coastal resources, and freshwater ecology. For air, the following are assessed: climate and meteorology, ambient air quality, and noise levels. For people, GEC included the following: secondary data gathering, public scoping & public participation, and key informant interviews.

The company is well-known for providing Watershed Management Plans which aims to provide a baseline study in crafting a comprehensive and holistic management plan for a city’s water reserves. Intensive fieldwork is carried out to identify pollutant sources both in water and land, flow projection for 5- to 100- year recurrence intervals, surface water, and soil quality sampling, and hydraulic modeling. Social participation is also included by conducting a series of stakeholder engagements and focus group discussions from the barangay level to the regional level.

Besides EIA, the company has been delivering services in hydropower plants, subdivisions, and industries including Geological, Geohazard, Geotechnical Investigations, Geophysical Surveys in the form of electrical resistivity surveys, Air & Noise Monitoring, Hydraulic Analysis & Flood Mapping, and Resettlement Action Plan.

What was the driving force behind the establishment of your company?

The establishment of this company is driven by passion, love, and genuine concern for environmental change. The company has the opportunity to provide a stable job to our fellowmen, besides being able to build and establish my consultancy venture. I am to leave an environmental legacy that will sustain and help preserve our world in great shape and help the existing community by providing fulfilling jobs where great company culture is developed.

What idea propelled you towards the institution of this company?

As an entrepreneur, I have observed that the world has focused so much on creating big profits while taking a blind eye to the environmental impacts of their actions. The level of attention given to saving the environment by creating sustainable plans and actions are extremely low. The goal is to help these industries, both private and public sector, aim for modern development while protecting and monitoring the impacts it has on our homes. The desirability to make an important impact in the world, and at the same time make a decent living out of it, makes the whole experience fulfilling. Moreover, it is the opportunity to train young minds, our future generation, to hold the same values with the company, and apply them in their own professional growth, as we are not only here to make a name for ourselves, but also to ensure that the future generations can experience the beauty the world has to offer.

Tell us about yourself and your journey from the beginning including your experience in academia.

At the age of five, I started dreaming of becoming a doctor and touring around the world. At age 6, I was eager to be an independent person. I then began my entrepreneurial journey by selling different kinds of food. By the time I was seven, I told myself I was not going to work for a company; instead, I would build my own to help other people. This passion, coupled with my experiences, molded me to become an entrepreneur. Amazingly, all of those have led me to a bright future and to what I have become now a competitive, resilient, and innovative entrepreneur.

I have a degree in biology and got my Master’s in Environmental Resources and Management in 2008. I am also an accredited Pollution Control Officer, Environmental Impact Assessment Preparer, Safety, and Health Officer, and registered Environmental Planner. I started my consultancy work in 2006 when my professors endorsed me to clients. After my graduation in 2008, I was hired as an Environmental Specialist for the Growth with Equity in Mindanao Project of USAID. After my contract was to end for the project, I was hired as Intermittent Environmental Specialist of the DAR-ARCP 2 Project in ARMM, an ADB-funded project. After six months with ADB Project, I decided to focus on my company. In 2020, I enrolled at London Business School for the Entrepreneurial Edge, and at the same time from 2020 until 2022, I enrolled at the Asian Institute of Management for the Master in Entrepreneurship. I am a passionate entrepreneur who wants to explore possibilities without fear.

I always want to fly high like a soaring eagle in the sky. I enjoy traveling, visiting different places, going on adventures, and exploring new things where I can learn and grow as a person, both professionally and spiritually. In 2018, after I experienced a very challenging project, I won the bidding for the Mindanao Railway Project. It was a dream project but at the same time, it requires almost all my time. At that moment, giving my yes and giving up my personal life, was not an easy decision, but thinking that if I am not going to continue this journey, I will fail to help those young professionals fulfill their dreams, I will fail to help their families in need financially, I will fail to help the humanity. Saying “yes” to this vocation as entrepreneurship was not an easy decision but I know that this is where God wants me to be, and this is where I will be happy. to deliver the highest level of professionalism and quality service to our beloved clients. With this, the company has received its first international award this 2022, bagging the “Consultancy of the Year 2022 – Philippines” of the Southeast Asia Business Awards 2022 by Aim Global Media APAC Insider. This prestigious award recognizes businesses driving the industry forward with future-ready solutions. For over 13 years of establishment, Galerio Environmental Consultancy is proud to be a partner and be of service to multiple industries both from the government and private sectors achieving their goals while building a healthier environment. As a partner in development, Galerio Environmental Consultancy participates in the pre-construction phase of the Mindanao Railway Project – TDD Segment as the environmental and social section preparer, a monumental and major project in Mindanao collaborating with local government department and international firm.

Also, one of our greatest achievements is a strong company foundation composed of different professionals with the same goal in mind. With this, we are able to strive and be flexible even in the face of a global pandemic.

Describe your company’s financial sponsorship. Where do the funds come from?

The company’s basic source of funding comes from retained earnings and raising a higher pool of capital in order to grow and invest in new projects. The profit is then re-invested to up-to-date equipment, allowing our business to expand and cater to more services.

What are the future prospects of Galerio Environmental Consultancy (GEC)?

The prospect of our business, in 30 years to come, will be greatly dependent on the global economic landscape. However, the key ingredient greatly practiced in our company is the ability to have a global mindset and nurturement of corporate intelligence in order to easily adjust to change and sustain competitive advantage in our industry.

The company plans to take it one step at a time, focusing on every single project and deliverable in order to consistently provide the quality report and materials expected from us. The firm plans to expand to cover more services, especially in the field of engineering and sciences, with the same quality standard of deliverables. We plan to make project development easier and more convenient for every single one of our local and international clients.

Tell us briefly about your team and their contribution to your success.

The company is composed of a team that ensures a strong bond and healthy culture among themselves is established. The management prioritizes respect and fairness, trust, a growth mindset, communication, and most importantly, teamwork. Our establishment provides a refreshing and relaxing work environment for the team in order to cultivate a productive working mindset and relationship, improve focus, and help boost morale. The team holds the same values and goals in order to sustain and manage a positive and efficient working culture. This kind of teamwork contributed to the success and effectiveness of project management. It is the team’s dedication and passion that make the great success of the company.

Additional Information

Year of Founding2008
Funding InformationProject-based
Founding MemberLeonila P. Galerio
Office LocationsDoor 1, Ground Floor, Building 2, Matina I.T. Park, McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City
Company StrengthGreat company culture, Teamwork, Notable Project Management

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