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What is Global Apparel and Textile Pte Ltd (GAT)?

In today’s fashion sector, organizations must be ultra-transparent and willing to recreate their brand, as well as their earlier ways, and to welcome change. Only a few companies in Asia-Pacific are actively pushing forward-thinking innovations to boost fashion. Global Apparel and Textile Pte Ltd (GAT), a leading garment maker and apparel supply chain manager, is one of them, and it represents today’s quintessential, fast-growing, and success-bound fashion industry. Mr. Jason Wu, the company’s CEO, established the company’s headquarters in Singapore in November 2012 intending to lead the worldwide fashion and apparel industry as a one-stop textile and fashion service provider for a wide range of fashion needs. GAT offers a wide range of clothing options, including casual, activewear, loungewear, sportswear, and children’s wear, all at low production costs. In an industry where costs are continually increasing, retailers are looking for suppliers/manufacturers like GAT who can provide cost-effective and adaptable options.

GAT comes with reasonable pricing and is one of the most comprehensive apparel supply-chain management firms on the market. They are a knitted clothing manufacturer founded in 2012, with production facilities in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Yangon, Myanmar, as well as a sales and marketing staff in Singapore. They have a steady stream of orders coming in and have proven to be both sustainable and inventive in the clothing sector.

Their alliance

GAT has developed a strategic alliance with Saint Year Textile Co., Ltd. Saint Year Textile Co., Ltd is a high-tech company based in Hangzhou. It was founded in 2002, utilizing the Group’s 30 years of fabric manufacturing experience. Based on Saint Year’s solid strength in textile creation, dyeing, weaving, and finishing, the company now has an integrated production line that includes dyeing, weaving, and finishing, and is equipped with the most advanced machines acquired from Europe.

Their Purpose

Their goal is to add value to their customers’ supply chains by providing high-quality products and incredibly inventive solutions. GAT works to become one of the market’s most comprehensive apparel supply-chain management organizations with the most competitive rates.

Their brands

GAT provides a diverse range of products and services while always innovating and creating new experiences. One such product is Vi Mask :

Vi Mask

Viruses have been proven to be destroyed by this product. When Vi-Mask comes into touch with a surface, it actively inactivates more than 99 percent of viruses and kills bacteria.

The Vi Mask has the following features :

1. It has technology for filtering

The mask is made up of three distinct layers of defense. More than 99 percent of the particles in the air including airborne particles (PM 0.3, PM 2.5, and PM 10) that travel through it are captured. Pollen, dust, bacteria, viruses, and allergies are all trapped by the mask.

2. It has a cord that can be adjusted

The mask can be customized through its cord to your fit and comfort.

3. IT has a system for fitting 5 sizes

All facial shapes and sizes are well-suited for the mask owing to its flexibility.

4. Least use of Hands

When not in use, users can wrap the mask around their necks.

5. The lining is completely made of bamboo

This imparts sturdiness to the mask and also ensures its durability.

6. Environmental friendly

The construction materials of the mask are sourced in a way that isn’t harmful to the environment. Vi Mask is an Oeko-Tex certified product that is 100 percent eco-friendly and devoid of dangerous levels of over 100 chemicals proven to be damaging to human health.

Why choose them?

1.They are tax-free or duty-free for Asian countries, Europe, Canada, and Japan.

2.They perform Market Research regularly to stay relevant in a changing environment by presenting the most up-to-date trends and developments in the garment business to their loyal buyers.

3.They possess superior technical skills to ensure that your standards are fully met through rigorous testing, resulting in high-quality products.

4.Their close printer collaboration provides you with the adaptability and flexibility to design the most cutting-edge print approach.

5.They have a qualified team of designers on staff who are fully involved in the creative process, providing ideas and trend research to effectively support your design concept.

6.They have strong marketing channels and a large network. It strengthens their capacity to deliver what you want and meet their goals as your manufacturer.

  • Headquarters : Cambodia

  • Employees : 27

  • Company type : Privately owned

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