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GCC Services

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What is GCC?

GCC Services is a well-known and reputable integrated remote services provider founded by Rashad Sinokrot. Camp food, integrated facilities management, and camp construction are among their award-winning services. Their reputation is predicated on their capacity to operate with an unrivaled level of agility; their breadth and scope of skills across all FM disciplines, as well as an unrivaled track record of delivering them in some of the world’s most difficult circumstances. They are a well-known and respected integrated remote site services firm with operations in more than nine different countries throughout the world. They work on a variety of projects in a variety of settings, including some of the world’s most difficult places.

Our services include complete real-world assistance, skilled and unskilled workforce supply, integrated facilities management, utilities, and environmental services.


They pledge to exceed their clients’ expectations by offering a full range of facilities, life support, and construction services in an environment guided by business ethics and execution excellence.

Their tenacity, combined with responsiveness, inventiveness, and market adaptability, will deliver successful solutions to their client’s demands while upholding the highest safety standards to safeguard all stakeholders and the communities they serve.


Their mission is to exceed the support services industry and fulfill their clients’ most demanding business needs by delivering on time, with integrity, and safely.

Their values

They believe their success is built on three basic abilities and attitudes: agility, capability, and experience and they incorporate services multidimensionally as follows:


Following through on their promise to exceed clients’ expectations while maintaining a high level of service.


Consistent service standards, backed by a robust code of ethics and governance, help them build trust in all of our partnerships.


Adapting to the difficult markets in which they operate. For satisfaction and flexibility, a global touch and a local reach are necessary.


To better serve their clients, they’re cultivating a culture of quality and execution excellence.


You can rely on them to provide tenacity, reactivity, initiative, and originality to provide effective and proactive solutions to their client’s demands.


Leading a positive influence on the communities they serve while adhering to the strictest safety requirements to ensure the safety of all stakeholders.


Their staff, clients, and the communities they serve are all partners. One of their goals is also to build long-term partnerships.

Their role in Defence and Government

Their roots in the Middle East and Africa run deep in their history, capabilities, and expertise. Operations in difficult countries like Iraq and Sudan provide them with a perfect platform for supporting US Government contingency operations there. In countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and the UAE, up-to-date company registrations and operating offices allow for faster mobilization and project start-up. GCC Services offers the greatest comprehensive solution for companies seeking an outsourced partner across the full range of soft and hard facilities management disciplines, thanks to consolidated procurement in Dubai and mature regional supply chains.


They don’t use the words “delay” or “failure” in their lexicon; instead, they rely on their experience and skills to mobilize, perform, and meet their clients’ expectations regardless of the limits.


They oversee their operations, preserve records, and monitor key performance metrics. All levels of management have been educated to administer their projects, ensuring that their clients are billed accurately and without surprises or errors. We adopt a proactive approach to risk and safety because it is ingrained in their company culture.


GCC Services grows as a result of its stakeholders, which include governments, teams, and clients, and they adhere to all applicable legislation and standards (FAR, CTiP, CODEX, etc.). This allows them to be open and honest with their consumers, as well as provide important information and submit accurate billings.


They can analyze and reconcile international and local solutions because of their worldwide access. They provide project optimization advice to their clients and consistently propose cost-cutting alternatives.

  • Industry : Facilities Services

  • Company size : 1,001-5,000 employees

  • Type : Privately Held

  • Founded : 2003

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