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Generations Homecare System

5. Lisa Ferden Co CEO Generations Homecare System

They are dedicated to creating a quality homecare software service for the growing homecare industry

Since 2002, Generations Homecare Systems has been dedicated to creating quality homecare software services for the evolving homecare industry. Founded by Lisa and Lance Ferden, this innovative couple builds a software service using their professional background in homecare and information technology focusing on three main things: security, ease of use, and documentation. Generation is an innovative, secure, easy-to-use system that guarantees providers’ maintenance.

Generations Homecare System provides a mobile application for each member of your care team. Schedulers, care coordinators, case managers, caregivers, and clients will all benefit from secure mobile access to the tools on which leading homecare teams rely. Download the mobile app from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon App Stores.

Essential tools for homecare administrators, schedulers, case managers, carers, and caregivers. The Generations Homecare system empowers your team to improve care outcomes, simplify day-to-day tasks, and maintain compliance. Their key features include easy-to-use scheduling, electronic visit verification (EVV), comprehensive reporting, and more.

Why Choose Them:

  • Enhancing security and compliance

The security standards of the homecare industry are constantly changing, making it a big task for any homecare agency of any size to stay relevant. Generation ensures that your data is always secure and helps your agency stay HIPAA compliant. Audit trails, user-based permissions, and secure documentation are some of the ways that Generations can help your homecare team maintain compliance.

  • Improving care team communication

Convenient and secure communication tools are essential for delivering quality home care. Easily communicate with carers and office staff with HIPAA Compatible Messaging. Real-time monitoring means you’ll be aware of missed visits and changing client situations.

  • Maintain accurate records

Their Electronic Visit Verification services will improve your homecare compensation process and payroll. EVV allows caregivers to check-in and out in shifts with GPS Visit Verification or from a verified phone. The schedule is updated and confirmed in real-time.

Their Features:

  • Client and caregiver management: Generations protect all the information of your client and caregiver in one place. In addition, the online caregiver application and client inquiry forms are automatically synchronized between your website and Generations.
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV); Caregivers can log in to the shift via GPS or a verified telephone. Ensure quality of care through real-time visit verification.
  • Web-based: No matter where you work, your data is always backed up, secure and accessible. Generations have a mobile application for each member of your care team, including caregivers, schedulers, case managers, and caregivers.
  • Comprehensive report: Generations have many built-in reports for reporting required operations such as Extensive Custom Report Author.
  • Exact billing: Track overtime, vacation pay, approved service hours, and more. Export data directly to QuickBooks or the clearinghouse of your choice.
  • Exact payroll: Generations eliminate the need for paper timesheets and ensure proper pay rates and hours. In addition, the system allows QuickBooks or payroll service providers to directly export payroll data.
  • Streamlined caregiver scheduling: See online shifts of confirmed carriers in real-time, easily update all schedules, track service hours, and more. Includes a variety of user-friendly calendar options.
  • Unlimited support: Easily reach out to an experienced generation support team via live chat and telephone. No support limit or hidden fees.
  • Data integrity: They secure your data in an off-site, advanced, SSAE-16 compliant data center with many fail-over and backup features.


The entire generation team is committed to delivering exceptional technology. As a result, product safety, usability, and intuition are always at the forefront. Today, the Generations Homecare system is used by hundreds of home care providers in nine international markets. Every day, about a million caregivers, and many caregivers, depend on generations.


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