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What is GAT?

GAT is a leading garment maker and clothes supply chain management, which is today’s iconic, fast-growing, and success-bound fashion firm. Mr. Jason Wu, the company’s CEO, established the company’s headquarters in Singapore in November 2012 intending to lead the worldwide fashion and apparel industry as a one-stop textile and fashion service provider for a wide range of fashion needs.

Their products

GAT offers a wide range of clothing options, including casual, active wear, loungewear, sportswear, and children’s wear, all at low production costs. In an industry where costs are continually increasing, retailers are looking for suppliers/manufacturers like GAT who can provide cost-effective and adaptable options.

What makes them unique?

Because of the three reasons below, GAT is quickly becoming a significant figure in fashion and is opening up additional opportunities for itself and the industry:

– For starters, GAT promotes the greater use of technology in today’s low-tech fashion business. It has been constantly developing and scaling up since its inception, overcoming day-to-day problems with the help of digital technology and processes. GAT is willing to experiment with new technology to better not just its standards, but also to set the bar for other players in the fashion ecosystem. This demonstrates that a better overall customer experience, improved professional ties with partners, and innovative services are all possible. Previously, the manufacturing and supply chain processes required a great deal of effort. The company discovered that only a unified platform will allow GAT to stay close to customers, improve business efficiency, and collaborate freely with suppliers and factories. As a result, GAT digitized parts of its activities to improve transparency, usability, and efficiency.

– Second, through its strong presence in the fashion industry, GAT is gaining control of the future. It aspires to add greater value to its clients by being responsive to their problems. It’s repositioning itself to better suit the demands of the industry. Apart from cultivating effective manufacturing and production methods, its four sites in Singapore, China, Cambodia, and Myanmar are entirely dedicated to serving any customer requirement.

– Finally, GAT’s professional engagement strategy allows the company to expand while also allowing customers and partners to expand. Today, the company is closely affiliated with seasoned textile enterprises such as China Unique Group and Saint Year Textile Co. Ltd, and it continues to service a wide range of fashion companies throughout the world. Mr. Jason claims that everyone at GAT, from the employees to the executives, has been able to preserve positive working relationships by focusing on mutually beneficial outcomes. Mr. Jason considers this to be the most important factor in maintaining long-term business ties.

Their Purpose

Their goal is to add value to their customers’ supply chains by providing high-quality products and incredibly inventive solutions.

Why choose GAT?

1.All products of GAT are tax/duty-free for Asian countries Europe, Canada, and Japan.

2.The GAT team conducts market research regularly to stay relevant in a changing environment by presenting the most up-to-date trends and developments in the garment business for their loyal buyers.

3.The GAT team possesses Superior Technical Skills to ensure that their customer’s standards are fully met through rigorous testing, resulting in high-quality products.

4.They incorporate the latest print technique with adaptability and flexibility.

5.The entire team is fully involved in the creative process, contributing ideas and trend analysis; the in-house design team effectively supports the customer’s design strategy.

6.The company has strong marketing channels and a large network. It strengthens their capacity to deliver as per the customer’s needs.


They want to create an online platform for clothing design, sourcing, and production called Sourced Global (S.G). With the objective of enhancing supply chain cooperation and digitizing key route data for increased transparency and accountability in the garment manufacturing process, S.G. will provide an integrated platform for the management and execution of design, sourcing, and production options.

  • Year of establishment : 2012

  • Headquarters : Singapore

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