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1. Dr. Edward Group III- Global Healing Institute- Top 10 Educational Platforms to follow in 2022

Dr. Edward, firstly we would like to know about you and the initial stage of your career. How was the beginning?

Initially, my career began with me wanting to be a heart surgeon and studying the allopathic medical model. I was taught, like most doctors, that pharmaceuticals were the answer to illness and disease but later learned that they only treat the symptoms, not the root cause of the condition.

My entire outlook shifted when I realized that this flawed thinking was at the source of degenerative disease and a highly-corrupt medical industry. While most doctors piled on pills that were costly, ineffective, and only masking symptoms – I wanted to teach others how to activate their own self-healing mechanism and free themselves from the system.

Once I realized the journey to health was centered around a balanced life of cleansing, nutrition, and a happy mind – I was led to create a supplementation company that would help to heal the world.

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By 1998, I launched Global Healing, a family-owned supplement business that has led the natural health industry with innovation, creativity, and an unmatched commitment to pure ingredients.

Long before it was trendy, we were creating products that are organic, high-vibrational, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, non-soy, and gluten-free without toxic fillers, binders, and excipients. We also were not radiating our products as most other supplement companies do.

By eliminating the root cause of disease, we teach people to detoxify their internal and external environments and become confident in their own healing journey. In this sense, the beginning of our journey is similar to the present-day –

Our #1 mission has always been to help people. I continue to teach my philosophy that the ultimate key to health lies in activating your own self-healing mechanism and healing your body from the inside-out. 

What went through your mind while establishing the Global Healing Institute? What reasons led you here?

In February of 2021, I was able to launch my long-time vision of an educational platform and online community, The Global Healing Institute. It is a hub for my 25+ years of knowledge and experience treating thousands of patients all around the world; a digital network where people can share information, empower each other, and help bring in the new paradigm of the world.

What led me to create The Institute was the desire to share the real secrets to health. Since most doctors do not want you to have this information (because it would cost the allopathic medical industry billions of dollars), these are some of the most closely-guarded secrets in the world when it comes to medical freedom and your health.

I was drawn towards creating my own Institute because there was nothing like this on the market. People share wellness advice, but no one is talking about why disease is born in the first place. No one is sharing the truth. Because of this, I felt it was my duty to share what I know, in the hopes that it saves lives and awakens the next global shift of awakening and consciousness.

What began as an e-commerce brand has transformed into a growing community of healers and truthseekers. We are excited to see where the community guides us next! 

Tell us about the healing process in general to understand its base.

Think of it this way – Why do you wash the outside of your body every day – But you never clean the inside?

  • There are toxins in our air (heavy metals, bromine, chlorine, chemtrail residuals, etc.).
  • There are toxins in our food (GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, excitotoxins, etc.).
  • There are toxins in our water (fluoride, aluminium, lead) –

And each of these poses a harmful threat with dangerous side effects.

These harmful chemicals must be cleansed from the body and removed through a detoxification process. The problem is, our world is increasingly toxic and we are taking in more toxins than our bodies know how to eliminate.

The root cause of all disease can be addressed by looking at the sources of our toxicity and determining how to best cleanse the body. Once you target the source, you can work backward from the symptom and begin to activate your body’s natural inclination to repair itself; this is your self-healing mechanism.

Your body wants to heal, it was made to do so. Support this by cleansing your body regularly, eating a clean organic diet, drinking distilled water, and detoxifying your home, office, body, and mind.

What courses do you provide and on which platform?

As of now, all 6 of my courses are available through The Global Healing Institute:

  • The Root Cause of Disease: Your body is taking in over a million toxins on a daily basis. Learn the first thing that occurs as your body is exposed to these toxins and how you can start cleansing today.
  • The Power of Fasting: Inside this course, you will uncover the myths associated with fasting, learn about different phases, and how to safely prepare for a water-only fast.
  • Vibrational Healing: In order to experience high vibrations, first, you must understand how to raise your own. Dr. Group will teach you which foods raise your body’s vibration and how to heal the world around you through energetic frequencies.
  • The Secrets of Happiness: This course is an exploratory series that encourages self-healing and the incredible power within you to cultivate abundance, fulfillment, wellness, and absolute joy!
  • Why Everyone Needs a Parasite Cleanse: From mold to candida to worms, The average person is hosting up to 30 different types of parasites within their body. Use this course as a blueprint for prevention and learn why cleansing with the entire family is essential to remaining parasite-free!
  • Urotherapy: The Ancient Art of Self-Healing – As a 5,000-year-old practice, the rejuvenational method of Urotherapy uses your own perfect medicine to heal the body from the inside out.

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Tell us about your new course Urotherapy. What is it about?

My newest course, “Urotherapy: The Ancient Art of Self-Healing,” combines 25+ years of research I’ve done on the ancient practice of urine therapy.

Linked to treating cancer, eliminating chronic disease, and divine manifestations – The power to heal is completely within.

To describe this course I have to start at the beginning. Firstly, you have been lied to about urine being a waste product. It would cost the medical industry billions of dollars if everyone knew of the free healing modality that is gifted by their own bodies.

Urine is not waste; it is ultra-filtered blood concentrate that is only missing the red-colored cells. Containing more than 3,000 enzymes, minerals, nutrients, amino acids, hormones, and compounds that are specific to what your body needs at that time – Urine therapy has been used throughout history to treat conditions from A-Z.

Considered ‘The Fountain of Youth,’ there is no stronger compound known to man for inducing cell regeneration, restoring the body, and improving your overall health and wellness.

In this course, I will share my personal testimonial on the practice during the three major phases, and walk you step-by-step through this healing modality. This class is for anyone seeking the truth, solutions, and awareness of the incredible abilities of your own body.

How long have you been in the wellness sector? What kind of response have you been met with?

After nearly 3 decades in this world, I’ve realized that those who gravitate towards our work, want to be a part of it. They want to be in a community that empowers each other to heal themselves, heal others, and heal the planet; However, many groups and higher establishments intend to censor the truth and we are constantly adjusting to keep our message from being suppressed. But those who resonate with our message, find us.

We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to our products, educational material, and cleansing programs. Our goal is to create positive change in people’s lives and our reviews show just that.

We are led by our North Star and goals to empower people with information and wellness products. For 2021, the total number of people we helped was 2.7-million! We can’t wait to see how many lives we can change in 2022 and intend to make it a record-breaking year.

Can you share any memorable moment that made you proud of your work?

Every day is a memorable moment.

When people message us every day and tell us they are suffering from a health condition, we are honored to guide them through the education and resources on how to tackle their specific situation. Our VIP Health Consultants are available 7-days a week to help you take responsibility for your own health, and ultimately, change your life.

Another memorable time that comes to mind was seeing how our team worked together in 2020 during the pandemic. We were an essential business and donated 1+-million bottles of sanitizer to the community. It was wonderful seeing how we thrived under pressure and created a healthy environment for the team and the customers.

Dr. Group, how do you think our current work life is impacting happiness?

I think the entire system is programmed to create scarcity and an artificial outlook on happiness. People look for quick fixes to their health conditions, usually looking on the surface of the issue. Meanwhile, children and teens surveyed say that their top two priorities are getting rich and famous.

The secret of happiness  does not lie in external entities or status-focused merits like money or fame. The real secrets of happiness lie in unlocking mindfulness, connecting to a higher frequency, and transforming yourself through body, mind, and soul healing.

I believe the current work-life situation needs to be met with more education, balance, and harmony. People should not work in jobs that lower their vibrational frequency and they should not focus only on work. There needs to be time for meditation, family, friends, hobbies, things that you love, and self-care.

If you are unhappy, you can begin by looking at the root cause of your unhappiness (financial instability, lack of work-life balance, lack of love for self, poor health, lack of freedom), and then determine why those imbalances exist.


While researching, we explored that Global Healing Center earned recognition as one of the largest natural and organic health resources in the world. How did you feel at that moment?

That was an incredible moment that could not have been accomplished without one of our core values and missions – Always make it better.

We are constantly striving for exceptionalism and regularly improve upon our already organic and raw-grade herbal extracts. Producing our ingredients is a long, specialized process that requires extreme attention to detail at every step in order to produce the most effective therapeutic solutions available. Global Healing prioritizes having the purest and most potent products on the market. Our heat- and alcohol-free extraction preserves the plant’s delicate, beneficial compounds, and the advanced filtration ensures it’s as fresh and effective as possible.

Every batch is quality tested and packaged in amber glass bottles to preserve the product’s integrity from UV and heat damage. We go above and beyond to ensure none of the purity is sacrificed, even at the cost of not being on larger shelves because they require radiation.

These are the steps that separate us from everyone else on the market.

We will always strive to maintain our recognition as the largest natural and organic health resources in the world.

Do you have any final or uplifting words on the current state of the world and the youth that are becoming addicted to a lifestyle that leads nowhere? How can we all do better?

“The world is heading in a destructive direction. But with destruction comes rebirth.”

And sometimes things need to get worse before they can get better. It has always happened this way. The pendulum swings us towards something, then shifts completely in the opposite direction. So the current state of the world is always in flux and constantly reshaping itself.

I believe the world is waking up in a global shift that will bring a more conscious, healing, and intentional society. The Global Healing Institute  was born to facilitate this global awakening and we are here to guide and empower your wellness journey. We want to teach people to become their own doctors, take back their power, and hopefully leave the world in a better state than we found it.

Year of Founding 2021 (Global Healing Institute); 1998 (Global Healing)
Founding Member Dr. Edward Group
Office Locations 1242 N. Post Oak Rd. Suite #200, Houston, TX 77055
Company Strength Strong
Website https://globalhealinginstitute.org/

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