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“On a mission to change the buying of used tech”

There is no doubt that we live in an era of rapid transformation. In the last decade, technology has become an intrinsic part of human existence, driving change across almost every major industry. We find ourselves amidst “the new normal”- a world where our smartphones have been an extension of our bodies, and an experience is deemed void unless it was shared on social media. 

In the UAE alone, the consumer electronics market has grown by 15% in 2021. With the growth of the consumer electronics market, we are also experiencing a boom in the second-hand electronics market. For example, between 2016-2020, used smartphone sales grew by a compound annual growth rate of 26% in North America and 20% in Europe. Going forward, for the next five years, the used smartphone market is expected to grow three times faster than the new smartphone market. 

In recent years we have experienced a dramatic shift in mindset towards re-commerce and second-hand goods. Re-commerce used to be associated with the likes of eBay and thrifting, largely dependent on peer-to-peer platforms to drive growth. However, with the rise of the purpose-driven consumer, we see a mindset shift, which has caused re-commerce goods to break into the mainstream market.  Particularly for used electronics, recommence is now mainstream, with major e-commerce and telecom players now selling used devices as well. 

Glyde is an innovative eCommerce marketplace created to make the buying and selling of both new and used goods as simple as possible. Compared to other online marketplaces, Glyde’s eCommerce engine absorbs complexity so the user experience is simple. Buyers enjoy the great deals of a peer-to-peer marketplace combined with the service, convenience, and safety of a retail store. At the same time, sellers enjoy an experience unsurpassed anywhere on the web. It takes mere seconds to list an item for sale, and it’s effortless to send sold items in Glyde’s pre-addressed, pre-stamped mailers. Focused initially on media products such as video games and DVDs, Glyde has now expanded into consumer electronics such as iPhones, iPads, and Kindles.

Created by the founder of eBay Motors, Glyde is brought to you by veterans from industry-defining companies such as eBay, Google, and Walmart. Glyde is venture-backed with offices in Palo Alto, CA.

Every month, hundreds of millions of people in local markets around the world use the Glyde online marketplace to find and sell a wide range of products including video games DVDs, consoles much more. Operating in fast-growing markets around the globe, Glyde helps people improve their lives through smart person-to-person trade.

Website: https://glyde.com/

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