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GoLivMo was founded with a high-spirited objective: to make joyful moments more accessible, memorable and affordable for everyone.

We seamlessly connect users with remarkable experiences through our platform and make cities more accessible. We are opening up more possibilities for our users and more business for the creators.


While planning his first date with his then-fiancée in 2017, GoLivMo’s founder Kevin Ou sought to do something fun and unique. After an hour of Googling for what to do in Singapore that night, he was still Googling and searching frantically. That hour didn’t lead to an outcome, and he thought. “This is broken, how can we fix that?”

After speaking with several friends and extensive surveys, he found out that many other people had similar issues. This inspired him to create a curated activities platform providing personalized in-city recommendations for a time-strapped society. The idea was simple.

Make it easier for people to find and do more things that matter to them.

GoLivMo was created as an alternative to the many indistinguishable discount and deals sites. By listening to our users and community, we develop new and exciting experiences that they want. The things that matters to them.


By using data to co-develop new experiences with Creators, we provide you with exciting and novel experiences within each city at attractive prices. We make life easier. While there are mobile apps to instantly book restaurants, doctors, and taxis on-demand, there isn’t anything similar for booking local social activities. The options are fragmented and time-consuming.

For activity-seekers, GoLivMo serves up a personalized list of activities with the goal of empowering users online to experience more offline. We make it easier for you to live the life you want.

“If variety is the spice of life, then our users are living an exceptionally spicy existence because our key focus is variety”, – Dustin Steward, Co-Founder



GoLivMo stands for a better tomorrow. We focus on Carbon Offsetting and strive to leave our world better for the next generation.

“Each Experience you purchase, helps us plant more trees to offset the carbon emissions from our everyday life” – Kevin Ou, Founder

We are proud to partner with the OneTreePlanted Organization to support its goal of global reforestation. As fellow humans and parents, we believe it is our responsibility to do more.

*This story is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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