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Google going green

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It’s Now or Never: Says Google CEO

We are in the phase of the worst climate change on earth. There have been previous periods of climate change, but the current changes are more rapid than any known events in Earth’s history. The main cause is the emission of greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide and methane. Temperature rise is affected by climate feedbacks as well, such as the loss of sunlight-reflecting snow cover, and the release of carbon dioxide from drought-stricken forests. Collectively, these amplify global warming.

Google being one of the world’s largest IT Company has been profoundly active in fighting climate change for last three decades. They are contributing in all the possible ways to reduce their carbon footprint and follow a sustainable business model. They heavily invested in renewable energy sources to run their data centers and corporate offices.

Decades of Dedication

Google claims that it became a carbon neutral company back in 2007. Currently, they operate their cloud service on renewable energy sources. And they are also the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy. A carbon-free environment is the ultimate goal to reduce global warming and slow down the pace of rising underground temperature.

Climate change and global warming are the major concerns to act on now or else we will be facing extreme of nature’s worst. Till now, we have faced droughts, cyclones, floods, etc. which are getting worse year-on-year. Google is serious about these threats and is committed to introduce technology-based solutions to meet the goal to become carbon-free by 2030. They came up with technological solutions to reduce the carbon footprint and make their complete services carbon-free.

Research has found that data centers are one of the largest consumers of electricity. Internet is available 24/7, so does data centres are. And to run a data centre you need a high amount of electric power supply. Even it needs cooling, which also consumes electricity heavily. Google took the challenge and started investing in renewable energy sources which help to generate electricity and reduce carbon footprint. In its first decade of existence, it became carbon neutral in 2007. And in the next decade, they became the first major company to match energy use with 100% renewable energy in 2017.

Google is planning big in its third decade. Climate change is real and cannot be faced individually; we must unite to solve this issue before 2030. Google is introducing green ways to its products and guiding people to go green. They are about to introduce some features to their existing products one of which is Google Maps and Google Search.

Google has seen a sharp rise in searches for eco-friendly products. Air Planes are one of the major polluters, to increase the efficiency Google came up with the idea to display the carbon generated from the flight they might be traveling. It automatically suggests you the best flight with the lowest carbon emission. Not just that, it will showcase how your seats are beneficial to the environment.

It will guide you with the best eco-friendly hotels in your search feed. It can also display the best sustainable home appliances you search for shopping. Earlier this year Google began servicing climate scores on Google finance of 10k companies to check whether the company in which we are investing is leading the way to a more sustainable future. Soon, they’ll introduce a feature for users to see an aggregate climate score of their portfolio on Google Finance.

These were few steps taken by Google for a sustainable future. They are spreading their arms to make it more effective and reach the desired goal till 2030. It’s our responsibility too, let’s make it happen a global event and create a sustainable lifestyle to make this earth a better place for the upcoming generation.

Go Green! Stay Healthy!

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