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Below are the highlights of the conversation between Swiftnlift Business Magazine and Green Air Care. The company was founded by Eduard Babayev and Larry Kichatay in the year 2011. We are glad to share this exclusive interview with all the readers.

Tell us about your company.


Green Air Care Group Inc. is a Chicago land heating and cooling service provider. The company has been in business since 2011. In the past five years, we have been one of the fastest-growing Carrier product dealers in the Midwest.

Our visions are to continue to grow our local brand and market share in the area by taking great care of all our customers.


Our mission is to make HVAC decision making for customers easy to understand and trust our guidance to deliver the best-suited option in terms of value and investment.

What were the impediments you faced at the time of inception?

We had to learn the fundamentals from the beginning when founding the business, unlike many well-established HVAC firms in the region that are the second or third generation in the industry. Our Technicians were top-notch installers, but the procedures, terminology, back-end office, ads, and suppliers had to be built from the ground up. This has enabled us to incorporate best practices from other sectors into HVAC, enabling us to create new and creative ways of doing things. We moved more machines in three years than businesses that had been doing this for over 30 years.

What services do you provide to the customers?

Residential HVAC replacements accounted for the majority of our jobs, but we also completed several commercial rooftop unit projects each year. We also have a large air vent cleaning department, which performs over 800 duct cleaning jobs every month. For major partnerships, we also include HVAC maintenance, industrial trash chute cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning.

What qualities make you stand different from others who are already in this field?

Unlike several other HVAC companies in the region, our mission is to assist our customers in making informed decisions based on our professional knowledge. Our goal is to provide systems that provide our customers with the most benefit in

terms of energy efficiency, air quality, and comfort, as well as financial rationale. We collaborate closely with local utility providers, allowing us to provide our consumers with immediate energy-efficient rebates. They won’t have to fill out any extra forms or wait weeks for their rebates this way. We also take the opportunity to register our customers’ equipment with the vendor to extend the warranty period. We take this job off their hands and most people forget or refuse to do it. It’s the little items that count, and they go a long way with clients. We’ve also devised methods to assist consumers who are unable to obtain loans due to a lack of or low credit background. We recognise that people face challenges in their life and have devised methods to assist consumers in obtaining financing, helping them to stay warm through the cold Chicago winters. It’s a gamble we’re willing to take, but it’s our way of helping those in search of a warm place to call home.

How do you stay updated on the recent trends in the industry?

The HVAC market, like any other, is constantly evolving with new developments and upgrades. To keep up with developments and trends, our staffs attend business conferences and educational sessions regularly. This gives us a good idea of where the market is going, as well as a chance to network with other HVAC dealers around the world. Most people are usually willing to share what works with them. Overall, these enhancements contribute to a great user experience for all.

Why is home air quality a priority issue?

Since most of us spend two-thirds of our lives at home, indoor air quality is critical. It is preferable to have air filtered by an air filter than to have the lungs do all of the cleanings. In addition, we still recommend that you install an induct UV Light device in your home. This causes the ultra-violet light to disinfect the air passing in, making the house free of viruses and germs. It’s also important to have a humidifier and dehumidifier installed in your home, since everything in the house requires humidity, particularly in the winter. Insufficient humidity can cause cracks in hardwood floors, a dry nose, and general discomfort.

How do you decide what system customer needs?

We take into account a variety of variables. To begin, we’ll need to perform a proper load measurement to determine what system is required for the house, as well as the heating and cooling requirements for its size. Then we collaborate with the customer’s budget to determine which systems can have the most benefit in terms of energy usage, service rebates, and finding the right fit. In the end, the customer must make the decision; our role is to provide the right choices and include all the details necessary for the customer to make an informed decision based on reality and their specific needs.

How do you evaluate your success?

Performance is a subjective term; what one person considers to be good can be a low point for another. Success, in my opinion, is a moving target. What will ensure sustained progress is setting well-defined targets and then renewing them as you meet them. When this process ends, the excitement fades, and the conclusions become less reliable. External recognitions are a perfect barometer for determining how well the business is performing.

What are you looking for when hiring people?

We don’t like to make the recruiting process so complicated. A successful resume simply ensures that an individual is invited in for an interview. We are only searching for people who are excited to work, learn, and change, regardless of their qualifications or expertise. Before extending a bid, we usually request a week trial duration. This helps both the prospect and the organisation to validate the prospect’s skill set and overall fit. Even if things don’t work out, it’s always preferable to shake hands and move on.

How do you keep your subordinates motivated? Tell me about your approach to leading a diverse team.

We don’t have subordinates; instead, we collaborate with co-workers. Titles also discourage teamwork, which is sorely required in the workplace. We want to think

about everybody as being on an equal footing. This enables employees to communicate openly and honestly. We often invite new hires to tell us what irritates them or what updates, upgrades, or new procedures they would like to see to enhance our business. We can’t do anything if we don’t hear about it. We want to promote an atmosphere where ideas are accepted, acknowledged, and rewarded because good ideas don’t always make it into the world.

What are your greatest accomplishments?

When Green Air Care changed its attention to heating and cooling five years ago, we saw dramatic year-over-year development. We were named to the Inc.5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States just this year. For the third year in a row, our company has won a Carrier President’s Award, a distinction bestowed upon only the top 5% of Carrier dealers in North America. The most important achievement is the group of people we have been fortunate to recruit and bring together because there will be little success without a strong team.

Tell us about your upcoming projects?

We have a several major commercial ventures in the works, including one of Chicago’s oldest Sears buildings.

Details of the company:

  • Year of Founding: 2011

  • Funding Information: self-funded

  • Founding Members: Eduard Babayev and Larry Kichatay

  • Office Locations: 1584 Barclay Blvd, Buffalo Grove IL 60089

  • Company Strength: Residential Heating & Cooling Services

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