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Green Cover is important for your city

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How it began?

We need clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, silent environment for a good sleep. Couple of decades back, when the industrial revolution was rising at a rapid pace after the end of World War II, people residing in the villages was migrating towards urban areas in search of jobs to live a peaceful life. Many changes have been recorded since the establishment of UN council to maintain peace on the planet.

Economic prosperity was one of those important aspects which directly or indirectly impact our lives. Manufacturing industry around the globe got a major role in nation building as every country was on the verge of regaining the level which invaders and rulers like British government had on developing nations like India, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Korea. It all started when IT sector came in action which had the power to revolutionize the entire world operations.

IT sector employed many individuals which led to rising areas of major urban cities around the globe. It sector made lives better of consumers as well as developers. People started residing the downtown areas which started expanding at an unimaginable rate. New construction required forest lands which were keeping the city area cool and dust free for a long time. Later, we started feeling the heat which was termed as “global warming” and later “climate change”.

Why we need Green Cover in the city?

In last decade which ended few months back, had recorded extreme heat waves, flash floods and many other natural disasters which clearly showcase, what we had done to our environment. It is not just about any one country, region, or continent, the whole earth is suffering due to man made changes to the nature. To narrow down the effects on the factors, people living in the city area are witnessing major illness, and heat strokes. The use of multiple devices, and change in the food habit, work culture are some of the causes why we need parks and mini forest areas in the middle of our residential areas.

Earth911 has mentioned on their website about the green spaces and their impacts. They speak about the urban heat island effect, which is a growing challenge for cities. Structures made of asphalt, cement, and steel, like roads, pavement, and buildings accumulate a lot of heat, raising city temperatures by 1⁰ to 7⁰ degrees Fahrenheit in daytime and 2⁰ to 5⁰ degrees Fahrenheit at night compared to rural areas. Urban areas, where these structures are highly concentrated and greenery is limited, become “islands” of higher temperatures relative to outlying areas. These pockets of heat are referred to as “heat islands.” Heat islands can form under a variety of conditions, including during the day or night, in small or large cities, in suburban areas, in northern or southern climates, and in any season.

Benefits of Green cover in City

The good news is that green covers help curb the heath island effect. Plants and trees bring down the temperature through happening and by giving shade. Surfaces that are concealed by trees can be 20⁰-45⁰ degrees Fahrenheit (11-25°C) cooler than unshaded regions at top temperatures. What’s more, plant happening alone or in mix with concealing can assist with decreasing pinnacle summer temperatures by 2 degrees to 9 degrees Fahrenheit (1-5°C).

While lessening ozone harming substance emanations is of essential significance to alleviate environmental change, trees assume a fundamental part by retaining carbon dioxide and different contaminations from the air. What’s more, in spite of the fact that trees alone have an effect, one investigation discovered that “nature-based arrangements” — trees, bushes, and herbaceous plants developing with insignificant support — make a superior showing of filtering the air and controlling the environment.

Beneficial to Health

There’s a ton of exploration about the advantages of green spaces to our bliss and prosperity. For instance:

One investigation discovered that the presence of metropolitan green spaces might improve psychological well-being and prosperity,

While one more found that individuals who experienced childhood in regions with no green spaces had an expanded danger of creating uneasiness and sorrow. Different examinations show that individuals who approach green spaces have diminished feelings of anxiety and a decreased danger of fostering a mental issue.

It is a sensitive topic to be taken seriously by the authorities and the living population in those areas as every life on the planet is equally important.

“Go Green, Stay Healthy”

Source https://earth911.com/living-well-being/why-our-cities-need-green-spaces/

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