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Green Olive Tours

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Green Olive Collective is a Palestinian/Israeli organisation, working to end the occupation and foster respect for human rights, political rights, and freedom for all. More than 400 Investors and Members from over twenty-two countries support the mission.

Green Olive Collective Inc. Registered in the USA, it has Palestinian and Israeli working partners and more than 400 investors and members from more than twenty-two countries around the world. Green Olive Tours was founded in 2007, originally offering a one-day tour of Jerusalem. The original name was Tours and later changed to Green Olive Tours in early 2010. Green Olive Tours was Collective’s first project.

The Green Olive Collective is run democratically by the people working in the organization and has a broad mandate. Membership is open to everyone. Green Olive Tours Collective Ltd. Is registered in Israel, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Collective.

Green Olive accepts members and partners regardless of gender, sexual preference, ethnic background, religion, national identity, citizenship, and other makers of personal identity irrelevant to the individual’s essential humanity, talents, and aspirations. The collective associates itself with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The organization is a developing social enterprise and a collective of workers. The group is dedicated to social change, cultural development, political activity, and economic venture that develops humane and just societies.

As a social enterprise, the role of the organization in society is to provide information, analysis, services, and products that help to critique, heal and repair the causes of oppression and inactivity between people and between human activity and the planet-hosting us. These include educational, creative, and proactive projects that highlight issues and provide tools for progressive change. As Workers Collective, they provide a democratic management framework, nurture relationships between members, and provide a working environment that is supportive and sustainable, allowing members to thrive professionally and individually.

The purpose of Green Olive Tours is to provide their guests with:

  1. Cultural, historical and political understanding of Palestine and Israel.
  2. Visits to cultural, historical, and religious sites.
  3. Experience political facts on the ground.
  4. Interaction with Palestinians and Israelis.
  5. Analysis and commentary based on:
  6. Human Rights
  7. Cultural self-determination
  8. The right to political self-determination
  9. The right to live in safety
  10. The right to political freedom
  11. Right of home

Jerusalem and the West Bank

Tours in the occupied territories visit the dividing barrier and travel the roads and tunnels that connect the Jewish settlements. Some tours arrange visits with residents of both the Israeli and Palestinian territories, helping to understand the complexities of the relationship. A wide range of information on social, cultural, and historical issues is provided which helps to combine your previous knowledge about the sites visited and the region into a coherent perspective of the situation. The tours provide a unique opportunity to learn about Palestinian culture, gain first-hand knowledge of the situation on the ground and hear critical analysis from knowledgeable Palestinian and Israeli guides.

Private tours

Private tours can be arranged for individuals or groups in almost any part of Israel and the West Bank. They can be custom designed and include interviews with Israeli and Palestinian human rights activists, business leaders, or government officials. Special trips can also be arranged for business people or diplomats visiting the region.


Green Olive Tours is a social enterprise tour agency that provides informative and analytical tours covering the history, culture, and political geography of Palestine (West Bank) and Israel. Provides benefits to the indigenous population through recruitment and training of tour guides, stays overnight with families and small guest houses, and encourages visitors to purchase local crafts directly from manufacturers and fair-trade outlets.

A wide range of tours include interactions with Palestinians and Israelis and visits to areas that embody the history and current situation of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and between Israeli Jews, Palestinian-Arab, and Bedouin citizens. An intricate mosaic of religions, nationalities and political perspectives has been explored in the Holy Land. Many tours also visit places of historical, cultural, and religious interest, keeping them in the context of the ongoing analysis provided by the guide.

Website- https://greenolivetours.com/

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