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5. Marc Villella, President _ CEO- GryphonHR- Top 10 Educational Platforms to follow in 2022

Making HR compliance and onboarding experiences easier, faster, and more reliable. GryphonHR delivers a user and mobile-friendly platform to help you manage HR processes and reduce organizational risk. GryphonHR was designed by technology and employment experts to help businesses large and small get a better handle on HR regulations. Founded in 2018 by seasoned HR Compliance executives, GryphonHR software was designed to provide a centralized and secure platform to employers interested in incorporating compliance into the hiring process for the entire lifecycle of their employees and contractors, regardless of hiring country, state, industry, or job.

GryphonHR is a robust, Human Resources employment compliance platform designed to simplify and streamline the compliance lifecycle allowing HR staff to focus on more employee-centric tasks and duties. With GryphonHR, organizations can manage their employee HR compliance tasks, globally, from a single platform. They built GryphonHR with the user in mind. They’re confident you’ll find this the most user-centric HR compliance software available. Designed as a global HR system from every aspect, GryphonHR surpasses multi-language systems by providing complete internationalization for its users. Each user has the option to configure the platform in the language of their choice and change the names and icons for all interface and navigational elements.

Make the user experience your own with total customization of the platform with branding, custom icons, color, and graphics. And the platform is completely mobile. Your workforce is constantly connected to a smartphone. So, they designed GryphonHR to adapt to your ever-changing screen needs by allowing employees to onboard and complete tasks from their mobile devices.

The GryphonHR compliance platform provides peace of mind that your employees can continue to work without the worry of penalty, lawsuits, terminations, or fines due to incomplete or inaccurate forms, proper maintenance of documents, or lack of security to sensitive information. They’ve engineered a system that is committed to exceeding the most rigorous compliance standards of adherence.

Products they have:

  • Form I-9
  • People Data
  • HR Compliance
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • API / Integrations
  • Pricing Table

Their sales and marketing experts will guide your team on effectively selling and marketing their software platform through live consultations, sales, and marketing resources, access to videos, demos, training materials, documentation, and ongoing support. The GryphonHR platform was developed to support your business with numerous built-in customizations, and configuration “white-label” capabilities to brand their products as your own.

Website- https://gryphonhr.com/

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