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Hackerone’s Background

HackerOne was founded by hackers and security experts who are passionate about making the internet a safer place. For hacker-powered security, our platform is the industry standard. We collaborate with the global hacker community to expose our customers’ most critical security flaws before they are exploited by criminals. HackerOne is based in San Francisco, but it also has offices in London, New York City, Singapore, and the Netherlands. Benchmark, New Enterprise Associates, Dragoneer Investments, and EQT Ventures are among the investors.

Get To Know Our Leadership

We’re making the internet a safer place at HackerOne. Thousands of bright individuals — hackers, employees, and members of the community – have dedicated themselves to a single goal: hacking for good.

Company Values

All of us HackerOnies are driven by a passion for our mission, and a strong urge to work together to make the world a better place.

  • Start with Integrity: Integrity is how we act when no one is watching.

  • Default to Disclosure: Ask “Why should this be private?” instead of “Why should this be public?”

  • Act Like an Owner: Greater alignment for greater autonomy.

  • Win as a Team: Compete to achieve excellence. Enable each other to do our best.

  • Empower the Community: Our community is composed of hackers, customers, the security industry, and ourselves.

Approved In Over 100 Countries around the World

We collaborate with some of the largest corporations in the world, and the list keeps expanding, who use the HackerOne platform for vulnerability coordination, bug bounty programmes, and penetration testing.

Why should one prefer us?

Since 2012, HackerOne has cooperated with thousands of organisations, ranging from huge corporations to small businesses, cloud services to government agencies.

Financial Services : An unrivalled number of applications power financial services, banking, and insurance firms. HackerOne provides continuous application testing that keeps up with the development cycle.

E-Commerce and Retail : Hacker-powered security is being used by both online and offline stores to protect customer and payment information. HackerOne has a long list of retail and e-commerce clients, including well-known brands such as Starbucks and Alibaba.

Technology : Massive amounts of data and personally identifiable information (PII) are held by technology corporations. With HackerOne, you can earn your clients’ trust, protect your digital assets, and set yourself apart from the competition.

HackerOne has worked with thousands of unique organizations spread across almost every industry: from education and aviation to telecoms, media, and financial services. No matter what industry you’re in, HackerOne is the ideal partner to help you proactively manage cyber risk. There is no way to completely avoid security flaws. The only way to avoid being exploited in the wild is to uncover and fix vulnerabilities as soon as possible. Hacker-powered security acts as a “Internet immune system,” assisting firms in achieving security and compliance goals by rapidly and painlessly uncovering major vulnerabilities.

Source : HackerOne

Details of the company:

  • Year of Founding: 2012

  • Funding Information: Privately held

  • Founding Members: Michiel Prins – CEO

  • Office Locations: San Francisco, California

  • Company Strength:2194 Employees (June 2021)

Website :

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