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Hendricks Corporation

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About Us

Hendricks Corp’s customers span multiple industries: Sports and Entertainment, Utilities, Banking, Transportation, Government, Healthcare, Law Enforcement and Security, Retail and Restaurants, Smart Cities, Media and Entertainment, and many corporate, private, and international customers in some of the world’s most valuable brands.

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are. Our customized and scalable smart solutions create smart data for your environment, carrying Hendricks Corp’s customers into the next generation of technology.

Hendricks Corp is committed to our clients’ mission and business needs. We adopt your goals and make them our own to drive success for our clients. This personal adoption combined with our own values allows Hendricks Corp to provide a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and technologically advanced solutions and services for commercial, government, and private sectors.


1.Smart Scalability: Cities everywhere are learning how to capitalize on cutting edge big data analytics, creating a new landscape of Smart Cities. Unfortunately, many solutions are too big, too expensive, and not agile enough to fit into your specific needs, environment, or your country’s regulations. Hendricks Corp’s Smart Cities solutions shatter the barriers to achieving a viable solution for your municipality. Scalable in size and cost, our internationally friendly smart solutions can transform your city with enhanced operations, improved safety, increased revenue and savings, and can integrate with your current infrastructure, maximizing your current investment.

2.Is your city, town, or organization ready to deploy technology that links all agencies, despite their unique requirements? From transportation to law enforcement, healthcare to social programs, your city needs to communicate quickly and efficiently, without a breakdown in the ability to transfer information. Hendricks Corp’s smart cities solutions can provide an effective and efficient integration of your data systems.

3.Smart Suitability: Finding a solution that transcends cultural barriers can be a challenge for non-US organizations. With an office in the Asia Pacific region, Hendricks Corp understands the needs of both our domestic and international neighbors, and the dynamic necessary to form cohesive teams with people of different cultures and backgrounds. Our internationally friendly smart solutions can transform your operations, improve safety, increase revenue and savings, and work with your legacy system.


1. Enfusion

Enfusion is a Hendricks Corp exclusive: an innovative application that combines integration, interoperability, and extensive security capabilities. Providing real-time analytics, this system provides a “micro cloud” of intelligence information with the ability to distribute the information to other systems and locations. As a web-based or standalone application, Enfusion enables the system to rapidly take external video, data, and other intelligence sources and fuse them under a mediated meta-data layer, allowing for real or near real time analysis, manual and automated, along with various visualization capabilities in a single application.

Summary of Enfusion Features

Diverse and fluid, Enfusion’s ability to improve information and intelligence operations performance is unlimited, fulfilling the greatest need or the smallest request. Your requirements are the only limitation to Enfusion.

  • Server side, client side, text, cloud, individual contributor, legacy IT system

  • Combines integration, interoperability, and extensive security capabilities

  • Real-time analytics

  • Provides a “micro cloud” of intelligence

  • Ability to distribute information to other systems and locations

  • Improves situational awareness

  • Robust capabilities can be pushed to mobile devices

Enfusion Technology Utilization and Compatibility

Server side, client side, text, cloud, individual contributor, legacy IT system – no matter the source, Enfusion’s platform-agnostic service-oriented architecture boils the noisy multitude of real-world data sources into a single datastream, making it easier and faster to analyze and share situational intelligence, and plan, build, implement, and share real-time response plans.


With the proliferation of real-time and forensic digital video sources, the need for a technology that supports fast, efficient and accurate analysis of operational and historical video surveillance data from diverse sources is more important than ever.

Existing video surveillance analytics platforms struggle to differentiate between targeted moving objects and insignificant natural movements like running water or blowing leaves. A system without the ability to pinpoint the true target because of changing camera angles and frame warping can increase your margin of error by falsely identifying stationery objects as moving.

That’s where we come in. VATES, with Edge-Focused Differencing, gives users the power to quickly identify and communicate differences in topography, and location of assets and personnel, and easily isolate, highlight and view objects in motion from any type of digital video feed.

Summary of VATES Features

VATES is based on Hendricks Corp’s proprietary Edge Focused Differencing technology.

  • Unique video analytic algorithm

  • Built on a service-oriented architecture

  • Leverages the power of existing network

  • Increased processing speeds

  • Decreased bandwidth utilization

  • Maximizes existing technology investments

  • Minimizes impacts to existing network infrastructures

VATES Technology Utilization and Compatibility

More and more users are realizing the need for surveillance technology access on multiple platforms, and Hendricks Corp can fulfill that need with our fully mature, deployed technology. VATES can be readily adapted to meet the specific needs of every agency and user, including users of tablet and mobile devices. Video sources and VATES data can be linked to information from other intelligence sources to create a complete operational picture with built-in analytics

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