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About Us

Revolutionising the renovation industry.

Homeez is Singapore’s first innovative renovation platform that connects homeowners to direct suppliers using technology.

Through our platform, we help you simplify some of the most complex steps of renovation with our Homeez proprietary A.I. tools – Design Now, our unique Time Scheduler tool, and more.

Our purpose

Home renovation in Singapore has had its fair share of pleasant and unpleasant experiences, with more and more notorious cases about the lack of transparency in prices and in workmanship. The industry suffered further when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, bringing uncertainty across all homeowners’ minds and skyrocketing prices as renovation prices increase because of added regulatory requirements.

With over 10 years of experience in the interior design industry, the team at Homeez is dedicated to bridge the communication gap between homeowners and suppliers by digitalising renovation using tech solutions, creating more transparency for everyone.

Pre-Onboarding Checks

Homeez goes through a credibility and experience assessment with all suppliers based on track records, latest reviews from homeowners and industry partners.

In-house Training

We personalised training programmes for our suppliers and their workers using a step-by-step system to create a more efficient way of working, in order to achieve a seamless and fuss-free renovation journey for all homeowners.

Performance Monitoring

After meeting & interacting with the contractors, we welcome all homeowners to submit reviews. With your feedback, we are able to continuously monitor supplier relations through a rating system for us to recommend the best suppliers – as you deserve only the best!

Lowest Price Guaranteed (LPG)

To help you save time in your search for the best & lowest quotation, LPG is a Homeez initiative created to provide our customers with the ultimate lowest prices in the market. In fact, after you secure a Homeez quote, you can still submit other quotes to us for comparisons. We are able to match the lowest quote or refund you within 7 days. Start designing your home with our Design Now tool and receive instant 3D designs and a quote valid for 7 days. *Refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details

What Does it cover?

  • Compensation in the event that contractors are unable to complete the renovation works

  • Compensation in the event that contractors shut down their business midway through jobs

  • Post-renovation rectifications and warranties issued by the contractor

What does it not cover?

  • Unforeseen circumstances such as theft and missing valuables from your house

  • Termination or breach of contract initiated by a homeowner

  • Events where the contractors engaged were not part of the Homeez panel of recommended suppliers and where third parties, such as ID firms, were required to step in during the renovation process

Home Insurance

We partnered up with Great Eastern to provide all our Platinum & Diamond members with a 50k coverage for their first year.

This entails an automatic enrolment into the HomeGr8 Essential scheme that covers homeowners for loss or damage to their building, renovation and home contents due to fire, theft and insured perils.

Upload & Design-It-Yourself

With the help of Design Now – a priorietory A.I. tool designed by us, Homeez gives a whole new meaning to DIY. Upload your floorplan now to begin your DIY renovation journey!

Free 3D Drawings & Quotations

Based on the floor plan you uploaded, we’ll gift you up to 3 x 3D drawings worth up to $1000. Homeez also offers the best prices in the market, so if you receive a lower quote than ours, send it across & we’ll match or refund it.

Engage the best contractors

We work with trusted contractors in the market – so that you’re able to worry less and enjoy more in the renovation process. Use the Homeez Time Schedule tool to plan out your project timelines to suit your busy personal schedules!

Source: https://www.homeez.com/home

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