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HomeWell Franchising

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What is HomeWell?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to home care. As a result, HomeWell takes a holistic approach, resulting in a personalized experience tailored to the needs of each individual. You get skilled, professional help, as well as compassion and peace of mind, enabling a comfortable existence at home, where you belong. Through a commitment to their three basic pillars – Their Approach, Their Passion, and Their Communities – HomeWell has grown to become one of the leading at-home care providers. Opening a HomeWell franchise is an opportunity for their franchise owners to accomplish an excellent job while also doing good for others. It’s a decision that will transform your life and the lives of those around you.

Their proactive approach to care is driven by their one-of-a-kind Care Managers, who oversee their customers’ entire care and ensure Caregivers provide service that exceeds their expectations. At HomeWell, they take pleasure in preparing caregivers to be more than just helpers. They represent all they stand for to their clients: trusted knowledge, dependable care, and a culture that promotes complete peace of mind.

The CEO of HomeWell is Crystal Franz.

What do they do?

They develop successful career paths for their owners in the burgeoning sector of in-home senior care by adhering to a robust business model and a solid set of ethics.

As a franchisee, they assist you in assembling and training a knowledgeable workforce. They assist you in becoming familiar with your territory and expanding your client base. Finally, they always honor their promise to deliver genuine, high-quality care to the families and individuals we serve.

Through their services they help you:

Take Control of Your Market

HomeWell puts its 20 years of knowledge to work to help its franchise owners understand and conquer this quickly expanding sector, whether you’ve had first-hand experiences or are new to the world of health and home care. No other in-home care service provider can match the quality of their products, materials, resources, and training.

Have faith in your team.

From their CEO to their Caregivers, their processes and approaches rely significantly on open communication, input, and engagement at all levels of their organization. They want their franchisees to be confident in the businesses they create, so they make sure that each program and practice has been thoroughly researched, tried, and proved.

Make a Positive Impact

HomeWell was created by a caregiver and has continued to seek motivated franchise owners who receive true satisfaction from contributing to their client’s quality of life and happiness. Operating a HomeWell franchise allows you to give back to your community and make a difference.

Three levels of Care

HomeWell offers three levels of care to guarantee that customers receive services that are personalized to their unique needs and that their franchises are meeting the needs and demands of their market.

Companion Care

Companionship activities such as playing cards or reading books are included in basic housekeeping such as laundry and meal preparation.

Basic Care

All of the services under Companion Care are provided, as well as more involved support including bathing, dressing, and prescription reminders.

Specialty Care

This level includes all services from Levels One and Two, as well as transportation, feeding, bed-bound care, and specific Alzheimer’s or dementia care.

Advantages of HomeCare

Demand Has Increased

The fastest-growing market segment in the United States is the older population, which means more demand for in-home senior care.

Revenue Guaranteed

Your franchise is a cash-based business, with clients paying for services in advance.


Senior at-home care has a minimal barrier to entry and a predictable, low overhead.

Stability in your career

Invest in a thriving industry to build equity for you and your family.

Website : https://www.homewellcares.com/

Industry : Hospital & Health Care

Company size : 51-200 employees

Headquarters : Burkburnett, Texas

Type : Privately Held

Founded : 2002

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