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Hona Pte Ltd

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How It Works?

  • Set a commitment

  • Recruit a buddy

  • Stake an amount

  • Build your reputation

The concept is simple: set a commitment, recruit a buddy, and stake an amount. If you succeed, you get your money back. If you don’t, you choose from a list of where you want your money to go! Build an honorable reputation by proving your progress and hitting goals. We’re building a platform that makes the process of accountability more honest, insightful & rewarding using behavioral science and blockchain technology. We want to reinvent the way goals are set and achieved online, using our unique methodology, while bringing integrity to your commitments, reputation, and data. Honor your goals, get rewarded!

What makes us different?

Here’s what makes us different from your average goal or habit-tracking application:

1.Unique methodology & process:We’ve developed a methodology over the years that’s proven to get results. It’s called the OCKIV™ method and is integrated into our platform design, particularly in the way we help you set your commitments and hold you accountable along the way.

2.Community-driven design: We’ve found that most social goal-tracking apps lack solid community-design from the beginning. Thus, we’ve intentionally designed interactions towards other productive people to achieve your goals, increase your chances of success, and a build productive culture. We build for togetherness, not isolation.

3.Blockchain technology: We’re pushing what’s possible with goal-based accountability online. On our platform, if you opt for it, you can leverage certain features where your commitments and proofs get stored on the blockchain. You can also take advantage of micropayments for all your digital interactions, to increase data ownership and provide earning opportunities.

4.Building honorable reputations: As you interact on the Honā platform, you can earn points that contribute to an “Honā Score”, which is used to build your reputation. The more you succeed, learn from mistakes, or engage constructively, the more you earn. This can then be used to show others how reliable, productive, or helpful you are, with proof of your work stored on the blockchain.

5.Security, privacy & data: We’re experimenting with a new way of earning, owning, and sharing your data. In the future, we foresee a world where more of your data is owned by you, and companies may pay you (including us) to access it.

A Word from the Founder

George Siosi Samuels

“We’re excited about the opportunity to expand our vision of improving accountability in the world. Having initially validated our idea with paying customers, we knew we were onto something. And when we won the Draper U pitching competition, it only confirmed our hunches. Failed commitments due to remote-work (a growing population due to Covid-19) can impact professional reputations. Shame or guilt around failed goals is something almost everyone struggles with, and online privacy / data ownership is a growing concern due to mass distrust. We believe our solution can help address these key issues. We’re also honored to be joining Tim Draper’s investment portfolio, which includes the likes of Tesla, SpaceX, Telegram, Robinhood, Coinbase, and more.”

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